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Postby CidGregor on Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:23 am

Mandatory introductory mini-speech: Hey all, I'm CidGregor, a 1.5 year fanfic veteran. The majority of my works are based around the animated show "Teen Titans," but this is my first attempt at an EGS fanfic story. I had a most astounding idea come to me recently, and I couldn't help but write it. It was inspired by my desire to give Sarah a little more character development, as well as to give some more focus to the Elliot/Sarah relationship, as they haven't had as much focus lately as Susan and Justin or Nanase and Ellen.

This story is rated PG13 (or T, by fanfiction.net's rating standards), for a bit of strong language, some moderately strong thematic elements early on, and some sexual-ish content later on.

Anyway, enough rambling. Without further ado, I present to you the first two chapters, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: El Goonish Shive and all related characters and devices are copyright Dan Shive.

Twin Envy

by CidGregor

Rated PG-13 / T


Chapter One: The Moper of Moperville

“A tweak tweak here, a crank crank there, and then I can go to bed…that’s how a mad scientist works, in the merry old lab of Tedd…”

Tedd Verres sat in his basement lab, humming merrily to himself as he thumbed a screwdriver with one hand and a small towel in the other, making adjustments to his prized possession, the transformation gun.

“A trigger wipe, a V-3 type, to give her a catgirl head…you’ll find the craziness abounds, in the merry old lab of Tedd,” he sang, chuckling at his own wit.

“Y’know, that’s just a tad annoying.”

Purple hair and bespectacled eyes spun around to face the voice and replied in the same tone, “Y’know, you don’t have to hang around here and keep me company.”

A brown-haired, well-toned teen dressed in slacks and a black T-shirt lounged on the couch in Tedd’s line of sight, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, well…I felt like it.”

Tedd rolled his eyes right back and returned to his work. “C’mon, Elliot, stop moping. I’m telling you it’ll all blow over soon.”

Elliot Dunkel only grunted in response, folding his arms and curling up on the couch. “That’s what you said two days ago.”

“Couples fight all the time, dude. Grace and I managed to butt heads just last week. It happens. Deal with it.”

Elliot sighed anyway, not answering him. He was having a really, really bad couple of days. That was about when it had started: his first big fight with Sarah. And that was no exaggeration; it was a BIG fight. He’d never, ever seen Sarah so upset, and certainly not at him. He knew, of course, that Tedd was right, that such things happened with couples every now and then. But he’d always thought that he’d be prepared for them, that he’d know how to resolve them when they finally came about. He always had been when he’d dated Nanase, in any case. He’d always been able to identify what the problem was and find a solution for it, when they fought. But this fight with Sarah was different. For the first time he was honestly and completely stumped as to what her problem was. It was most definitely not a good feeling.

Tedd stood, holding his prized possession in both hands. “C’mon, let me take your mind off it. Check out my latest addition to the TF Gun! The ‘stun’ setting!”

“Mmm,” Elliot mumbled disinterestedly.

Tedd pressed on nevertheless. “Ever since Ellen’s V-5 beam ended up stunning that super-goo-monster thing instead of morphing it, I’ve been trying to replicate that effect with the TF gun, and well…here it is!”

“Uh-huh,” came Elliot’s grunted response.

“It’ll be able to create a variety of stun effects depending on the settings, from a simple immobilization to full-on, knock-you-to-the-floor unconscious, and lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours! What do you think of that, eh? I haven’t fully tested it yet, but all the calculations seem to be more or less correct, so with a few more adjustments I’ll have it perfected.”


Tedd frowned, glaring at him. “And then maybe I was thinking about making out with your sister.”


Tedd rolled his eyes, turned, and put on an expression of mock-surprise. “Oh look, Sarah’s here!”

Elliot jerked into motion. “Sarah?!” he shouted, spinning around toward the stairs and of course finding no one there.

“Jeez, Elliot, you are pathetic when you’re moping,” Tedd said with another eye-roll.

“Shut up,” Elliot muttered back, a bit embarrassed.

“And you still haven’t told me exactly why you two are fighting.”

“That’s because I don’t know why we’re fighting!” Elliot burst out in frustration. “She’s just…mad at me for some reason, and I don’t know what it is…”

“Sarah can’t be mad at you for absolutely no reason at all,” Tedd reasoned. “…Unless of course it’s that time of the m--”

A pillow was hurled at his face before he could finish. “Don’t even joke about that,” Elliot insisted, shuddering. “Besides…that was last week.”

Tedd grimaced. “And now we’ve reached the realm of ‘too much information.’”

Elliot ignored him and went on muttering to himself. “It just doesn’t make sense…why is she mad at me…?”

“Well, there’s always the lovely and very distinct possibility that you did something really stupid without realizing it,” Tedd observed.

“Trust me, I’ve considered that,” Elliot said. “And it’s not the answer.”

“How are you so sure of that?” Tedd asked.

Elliot didn’t respond immediately, and a pained look came over his eyes. “Because--”

He was interrupted, however, by the sound of the basement door opening and closing, heavy footsteps moving down the stairs, and the irritated voice of Tedd’s father speaking into a cell phone.

“I understand that, but…” he tried to say, but whoever was on the other end clearly interrupted him, and it was a moment before he spoke again. “…What?! You can’t expect me to babysit the thing forever!”

Tedd turned toward his father, intrigued. “What’s going on?”

Mr. Verres shushed him with a wave of his phone hand, for the other was wrapped around a cardboard box with a variety of official-looking stamps and markings on them, many of which said things like “confidential” or “government property.” Needless to say, this only intrigued Tedd more.

“Alright, alright, fine! But you owe me!” Mr. Verres finished and slapped the phone shut, muttering. “Great…just what we need…”

Tedd grew more excited than ever; anything that annoyed his father was likely to provide him endless hours of entertainment. “What’s going on, dad?”

Mr. Verres sighed and set the cardboard box on the desk, which Tedd eyed greedily. “The PTTAOLUTASF has been disbanded.”

Now it was Elliot’s turn to take interest as he sat up and looked at Mr. Verres. “The place where we went to use the dewitchery diamond?”

“Apparently someone upstairs decided it was a waste of funding to support an office that no one cared about and had little use to anyone,” Mr. Verres said ironically. “And funny you mention the dewitchery diamond…”

At that, he opened the cardboard box, and Elliot suddenly became aware that Mr. Verres was wearing thick leather gloves over his hands. He reached inside the box, and lifted out its contents: a large, shimmering crystal, clear as any other diamond, but with a distinct green glow emitting from it as Mr. Verres held it in his hands, and all present recognized it for exactly what it was.

Tedd’s jaw dropped to the floor in awe. “No way…”

“Yes way,” his father answered with a bit of a grimace. “With PTTAOLUTASF disbanded, everything in it had to go somewhere. A lot ended up in various storage rooms, but since the government realized this thing actually has some use after the incident with it last month, a new home for the dewitchery diamond is being specially designed, to avoid running the risk of anyone touching it and accidentally cloning themselves. Until that’s done, however, for some god-awful reason, I’ve been assigned custody of it.”

Elliot looked warily at the glowing diamond, now understanding the reason for the thick gloves. A variety of mixed emotions and memories flooded him at the sight of the artifact. It had caused him an incredible amount of trouble, not the least of which was getting him arrested for a few hours and putting him through multiple transformation pains. He almost wished he’d rejected Tedd’s plan to use it and just lived as a female for that month. But at the same time, the adventure with diamond had resulted in his own duplicate, his twin sister Ellen, being created, and he already loved and cared for her as closely as any other member of his family. He certainly couldn’t imagine a life in which she never existed.

“Why did they pick you?” Elliot found himself asking.

“Well, apparently, my superiors decided that since I have prior experience dealing with the effects of the diamond, I’m somehow qualified to watch over it,” Mr. Verres answered, sounding as though he completely disagreed with that logic. And with a son like Tedd around, who was clearly itching to toy with the thing, Elliot couldn’t help but agree with Mr. Verres.

“Dad--” Tedd began.

“NO!” Mr. Verres cut him off instantly. “The dewitchery diamond is not a toy!”

“But Dad!” Tedd almost whined. “If I could just do a few experiments with the diamond’s morphing effects, it could really help further my research with the TF Gun technology!”

Mr. Verres shook his head vehemently. “Absolutely not. It’s far too risky. I do NOT want another incident involving this diamond on my hands. The last thing I need right now is two of you.”

“But I promise I’ll be really careful!”

“Sorry, son, I just can’t risk it,” he said, striding across the room and toward a blank section of the basement wall. He tapped at a particular spot on the rough stone surface, and to Tedd and Elliot’s amazement, a chunk of stone about the size of a television slid back and out of the way, revealing a safe tucked inside the hole.

“Since when has that been there?!” Tedd exclaimed.

“Since I had this house built to government-employee-specifications,” Mr. Verres answered as he dialed in the combination and opened the safe. He set the diamond inside the thick metal, shut the door and ensured it was locked, then tapped another spot on the wall that made the missing section rise back up into place seamlessly.

“Now I don’t want either of you trying to snoop your way into that safe,” he said sternly to the two boys. “Don’t forget the collective headache we all ended up with the last time you got yourselves involved with the dewitchery diamond.”

“Gee, so my sister is a headache? Thanks…” Elliot muttered.

“You know what I meant!” Mr. Verres amended. “We just don’t want another incident like that on our hands. Now promise me you won’t go trying to break into the safe to get at the dewitchery diamond!”

“But Dad…” Tedd actually did whine this time.

“Promise me!”

Tedd sighed. “Fine. I promise.”

“Good. And now if you’ll excuse me I’m long overdue for my evening coffee.”

Mr. Verres nodded to Elliot, then turned on his heel and climbed the stairs back to the main floor of the house. Predictably enough, the instant the basement door had shut, Tedd, rushed to the wall and ran his hands over the surface, analyzing it.

“Absolute genius…it’s seamlessly sealed…definitely some Uryuom technology at work here…I wonder how Dad got his hands on it…”

“Tedd, you have a blaster that can switch people’s gender. A sliding wall can’t possibly be more interesting than that.”

“Doesn’t mean the sliding wall is un-interesting,” Tedd countered, still focused on the wall. “Hmm…wonder how he made it open…”

“Didn’t you just promise your dad you wouldn’t go prying?”

“Weren’t you just moping about Sarah?”

Elliot winced, and curled up on the couch again, muttering.

Tedd sighed. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, that was a low blow…”

“Stupid Sarah…”

“Oh, c’mon Elliot, it’s not the end of the world if she’s mad at you. Heck, maybe she wasn’t even mad at you…maybe she’s mad for some other reason and just happened to take it out on you by mistake.”

“For two days?” Elliot countered sharply.

Tedd shrugged. “Best I can come up with, if you have no clue why she’s mad.”

Elliot sighed again. “That’s just it, though…”

Tedd frowned. “Huh?”

Elliot looked up at him for a moment, then back at the floor. “I can’t think of any reason she’d be mad at me specifically…but I know why she might be mad in general…maybe you’re right…maybe she is taking it out on me for some reason…”

After a quick battle of interests, Tedd abandoned his inspection of the wall and sat down next to his friend. “So why are you moping about it down here instead of going and talking to her? Maybe she’s gotten over it and realized she’s taking it out on you and wants to apologize. That’s not gonna happen if you hide down here.”

“I’m not hiding,” Elliot mumbled. “Besides…this isn’t the sort of thing you just ‘get over’ in two days time…”

Tedd nodded. “All right, so…spill. What is she mad about?”

Elliot found himself turning over to stare straight up, as though looking straight through the walls of the house and into the heavens, and it was not until Tedd nearly gave up on hearing an answer that Elliot finally opened his mouth and gave him one…


(Author's Note: For those who didn't recognize the joke, the song Tedd is singing in the beginning is a parody of "Merry Old Land of Oz" from The Wizard of Oz. Just wanted to ensure that was clear. Next chapter will be up in a few minutes or so.)
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Chapter Two: Harsh Reality

“Sarah’s always been…really expressive, emotionally…she was never one to suppress herself when she was mad, or upset, or freaked out…so I guess…with something as big as this…her reaction shouldn’t come as such a surprise.”

A few blocks away, a petite, blonde-haired girl of seventeen lay limply upon her un-made bed in rumpled pajamas, a spot on the pillow beneath her damp from the tears that leaked from bloodshot eyes. Where her walls had once been decorated with posters of her favorite musicians and paintings of a certain brown-haired half-cat, they were now papered with dark, joyless paintings; black and red dominated the works, making her entire room seem to swallow up what little light reached through the closed curtain.

The girl slowly sat up, drew her legs up to her chest, and hugged her arms around them, staring blankly at the wall. After a long moment, she turned and reached into the drawer of her nightstand. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she drew out an object from within, and looked at it. It was a framed photograph of a pair of people sitting together in front of a canvas. One of them the girl could recognize was she herself, perhaps at age five or so; her fingers and hands and even as far up as her tiny wrists were covered in finger-paint, slapping it all over the paper before her and looking as though she was having the time of her life. And right beside her, helping her, was an older man, little square spectacles adorning his plump face and a mess of grey, almost white hair atop his head, enjoying himself just as much.

The girl couldn’t help it; she traced a delicate finger around the figure of the man in the photo, and as she did, a tear fell from one eye and landed right atop him.

“…Sarah’s grandfather passed away a couple of days ago.”

Quickly she stuffed the photo back into the drawer, slammed it closed, and threw herself back down on the bed, hiding her face as another wave of anger and sadness ran down her spine and gave her a shiver.


“I never really knew him all that well…but Sarah was…close to him…really close.”

Sarah tried not to let the rush of memories come to her, knowing full well how painful it would be, but they came anyway. Older memories came first…memories of picnics at the park, throwing Frisbees and swinging on the playground while he pushed her...memories of riding high up on his shoulders, of getting her little knee-scrapes kissed so they’d feel better. Then came the newer memories, memories in which he somehow never seemed to grow any older. She saw him taking her to her first real art class, shaking and nervous until she showed her first painting to the class and they all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it and grandpa was right there beside her telling her how proud he was…she remembered nights together of laughing at old movies from when he was young and sneaking ice cream when they weren’t supposed to and him asking her if there were any special boys that she really liked and she went terribly red because of course she’d invited Elliot over that night…

“He’d always been pretty healthy, even for his age…probably why it was such a shock to her when her parents told her.”

Her thoughts fast-forwarded against her will and came to a rest just a couple of days prior…she’d walked home from school and come in the front door just like always, and called out hello to her parents just the way she did every day, and put away her backpack and came into the kitchen to greet her parents in person, the same as any other day…except they didn’t say ‘hello’ back to her, didn’t respond at all except to look sadly at her, and she knew right then that it wasn’t the same, that it would never be the same again…

Then suddenly they were at the hospital, and oh God she didn’t want to be there, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t see him like this, with tubes in his mouth and IV needles in his skin and machines monitoring his pulse as it slowly faded and God, why did it have to be him…?

“The doctors said…his heart was weak. Always had been. He was in danger of heart problems for a lot of his life, but it just never manifested until that day…when he had a heart attack.”

And then there was that beep, that long, unbroken, bone-chilling beep, and she knew that the nurses rushing in couldn’t do any good, he was gone, and a part of her had gone with him…

Sarah snapped out of the memories with an angry sob. It wasn’t fair, she told herself. He’d been a healthy person all his life; he didn’t smoke or drink, he ate right, he exercised…everything a person was supposed to do to stay healthy…and life paid him back with a heart attack and took him away from her. It just wasn’t fair.

“No one was expecting it, least of all Sarah…and, well…it hit her really hard. Needless to say…she’s not taking it well at all.”

Her arm dangled over the edge of the bed, and grazed something rough and flexible that she’d stuffed underneath there sometime in the last two days. She had half a mind to just smash whatever it was, if for no other reason than to vent some of her anger and frustration. But as she pulled it from under the bed to do just that, she looked at it and realized what it was: her canvas portrait of a certain brown-haired boy, half-morphed into a big furry cat.

Elliot… she thought, a mass of emotions tagged to the name rushing upon her. They’d been together for a while now, and she’d been crushing on him for a long time before that, and he was never mean or hurtful or unfaithful to her, and he always did his best to make her happy…in that sense, she couldn’t help but love him. But he just didn’t understand. At least her parents knew exactly what she’d lost, having lost it themselves…but Elliot…he’d never truly known her grandfather. The comfort he’d tried to offer her when she told him was empty…forced, even. The kind someone gives when they have no idea how to react or what they should say. Elliot didn’t have a clue just how much her grandpa had meant to her, and she hated him for it. She hated that the one person she found herself desperately wanting comfort from wasn’t giving it.

But he’s trying, at least, isn’t he? Some part of her reasoned as she stared into the kind, honest eyes of the boy in the painting. Maybe he doesn’t know how you feel, but at least he’s trying to be there for you anyway…isn’t that enough?

One thing was for sure…she did regret what had happened right after that. He’d been trying to comfort her…trying and failing…and when he couldn’t ease her pain like she so desperately needed, it was like a dam suddenly broke, like all her anger and frustrations just came spilling out in one big rush…and Elliot was the one she drowned with it. The things she’d said to him…angry or not, she wanted so badly to take them back.

You have to talk to him, her conscience reasoned. The rest of her eventually agreed, and she was in her coat and out the door before she knew it.


“I tried to be there for her…to comfort her, to give her…I dunno, a shoulder to cry on, I guess…but she wouldn’t have it. She just…pushed me away.”

Tedd nodded along, enraptured by his friend’s story. “Man…that has to hurt…”

“You’re telling me,” Elliot said. “It’s like…she’s mad at the world for taking her grandfather away from her. And I guess I’m just unlucky enough to be the scapegoat…some of the things she said…it was just painful to hear them…especially coming from Sarah.”

“Well, like you said, she probably just made a scapegoat out of you,” Tedd reminded him as he went back to his computer. “She’s probably realized it by now and feels so bad about it she can’t face you.”

“Yeah, sure,” Elliot muttered cynically. “Or maybe she’s still stuck in ‘I hate you, I never want to see you again’ mode…”

“Yeesh…she actually said that?”

Elliot nodded and sighed into the couch cushion.

Tedd turned to Elliot again as a program on his computer loaded. “You have to know she didn’t mean it, dude.”

“She still said it,” Elliot said back.

“And I’m sure she’s sorry, but you should still talk to her about it. The longer this thing drags on the worse it’s gonna get. You’ll get bitter, she’ll get upset all over again when she doesn’t hear from you, and it’ll all blow up in your face.”

Once again Elliot’s only answer was to grumble and mutter inaudibly.

Tedd turned back to his computer, typing in a few commands. “Well fine, don’t listen to me. I’m just the genius mad scientist successfully holding onto a girlfriend.”

“Look, Tedd, I appreciate your advice, but I just don’t want to deal with it right now.”

“I’m not saying you have to now,” Tedd amended. “Just…soon.”

“…I guess,” came Elliot’s noncommittal reply.

“Good. In the meantime you can give me a hand here,” Tedd changed the subject.

Glad for the excuse to stop thinking about his problem with Sarah, Elliot crawled off the couch and over to the computer, where he could get a good look at the program Tedd had been fiddling with. It was a web-camera program, he discovered, and judging by the number of open windows on the screen, it was connected to not just the camera mounted atop Tedd’s computer monitor, but something like half-a-dozen mounted in various spots around the basement, each capturing the room from a different angle.

“Smile, you’re on candid camera,” Tedd chuckled.

Elliot didn’t look amused. “I hope for your sake these weren’t running while we were all body-switching at the birthday party.”

Tedd looked drolly at him. “C’mon, dude, have a little faith in me.”

“What are they for, then?”

“They’re mostly for keeping a record of any transformation-related activity in the event something goes wrong. …Or in the event of a particularly cool transformation that I want to see again in slow motion,” he added with a sly grin.

“I bet Grace would just love to hear about that,” Elliot said with an eyeroll.

“Actually…it was her idea.” He eyes glazed over as he grinned widely. “God I love that woman…”

“…Uh-huh. Well, nothing’s going wrong, and there’s been no saucy transforming recently, so what exactly are you looking for?”

“This!” he announced, pointing dramatically at one of the windows, which showed the boys a recording of Tedd’s father as he opened the secret wall in the basement and hid the dewitchery diamond inside.

“Tedd,” Elliot said warningly when the camera zoomed in to pinpoint the exact spot on the wall that activated the secret compartment. “You promised your dad you weren’t gonna go breaking in there.”

“And I’m not,” he answered. “I’m opening it perfectly normally. No breaking involved.”

Elliot threw up his hands and dropped back down onto the couch. “Forget it…I don’t have the willpower to fight off your ridiculous logic.”

“I’m just gonna run a couple of harmless little experiments, he’ll never know,” Tedd assured him, mirroring what his father did in the recording and tapping the exact spot he needed to. As he’d hoped, the wall slid open again, revealing the safe. Tedd looked at the recording again as it zoomed in to capture the safe’s combination as well, and entered it into the dial. The tumblers clicked into place and the door popped open easily, and Tedd eagerly reached for the diamond inside.

“Hey hey hey!” Elliot jumped up and smacked his hands away. “If you’re really gonna disobey your dad, at least wear some gloves or something before you go grabbing that thing!”

“I’m not transformed or cursed or anything, it’s not gonna do anything to me,” Tedd assured him.

“You sure of that?” Elliot asked rhetorically. “You sure it’s not going to create an unwanted clone of yourself anyway?”

Tedd considered the point, decided he really didn’t know enough about the diamond to say that with any certainty, and carefully wrapped a cloth around the diamond before removing it.

“Look at it,” Tedd stared wide-eyed at the bundle. “It’s beautiful.”

Elliot just sighed. “I have a bad feeling about this…”

All comments and critiques are appreciated. Thanks.
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Postby Kraggi on Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:43 am

Ooo....I like... The part with Sarah's grandpapa dying I liked a lot, good emotion in there. I realize I probably won't be helpful with my saying of how good it is, so I'll just leave it at it is very good. Keep it up, pleeaaase!
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Postby Nasrudith on Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:47 pm

Nicely written Fanfic, intresting aspect at how the phaser err TF gun in that fanfic has a stun setting. Waiting for the next chapter of the story.
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wow, i can see some interesting directions this can go in. i.e. someone stunned who touches the diamond (am i close?)
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Pretty good so far, keep it up.
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Update: Aug 12th

Chapter Three: Experimental Disaster


Ellen Dunkel’s tired eyes snapped open for a brief moment upon hearing the sound, then rapidly narrowed into slits as they glared at the front door.


It was louder and more incessant this time, which only served to annoy Ellen further. If there was one thing she didn’t like, it was being woken up when she was napping. Sure, it was early evening, so she supposed she couldn’t blame whoever it was for coming to call at a perfectly reasonable hour. But then, she wasn’t one to sleep at reasonable hours.

She dragged herself up off the couch, where she had fallen asleep an hour ago in the middle of a documentary on Star Wars, and yawned, scratching herself unglamorously.


“Hold yer horses, I’m comin’,” she mumbled in a voice her visitor had no hope of hearing. She pulled on a heavy black coat from the hall closet over her pajamas to block the evening chill, and turned to the door. With a mildly annoyed but mostly tired glare, she yanked it open.

For about five full seconds, her only-partially-functioning brain thought she was looking at a mirror. The reflection she was seeing was similarly dressed in rumpled pajamas, shielded only by a thick coat that was the same color as Ellen’s. The reflection’s eyes were similarly bleary and tired, and its hair was a disheveled mess. But then Ellen realized the reflection was about three inches shorter and blonde, and she deduced it must have been Sarah.

“Hey, Ellen,” came the confirming voice of her brother’s girlfriend. “….is Elliot here?”

Ellen’s glare softened…though only slightly. “…No.”

Sarah frowned, looking a little disappointed. “Oh…alright…sorry to bother you.”

She turned away to walk off, but a mild pang of guilt in Ellen’s conscience made her call the other girl back.

“Hey, wait, hold on,” she insisted, her words punctuated by another yawn. “What do you need him for?”

Sarah shrugged uncomfortably. “I just need to talk to him…”

“Looking like that? Sarah, you’re a mess.”

Sarah ran a hand through her hair in a feeble attempt to straighten it. “I haven’t been having a good couple of days…”

“‘Cause of your fight with Elliot?”

Sarah looked up, a bit startled. “You…heard?”

“More like dragged it out of him,” Ellen corrected her. “He was moping around for a while…I got sick of watching it…you know the drill.”

“Did…he say why?”

Ellen shook her head no. “He didn’t seem to have a clue ‘why.’ Mind fillin’ in that blank? I’m hoping he did somethin’ stupid to justify some of the stuff he claims you said.”

She didn’t think she’d sounded mad at all, simply inquisitive; but Sarah seemed to go immediately on the defensive.

“Look, I’ve been going through a tough time okay?” she shot back. “I just don’t need this stupid fight with Elliot on top of--”

She abruptly stopped herself from going on, which immediately piqued Ellen’s curiosity. Her eyes opened a little more, a note of concern starting to fill them. “On top of what?”

Sarah suddenly looked miserable, and Ellen was half-convinced she was going to break down and cry right then and there. As it happened, she managed not to break down, but a pair of tears did manage to leak out.

“…My grandpa, he…he d-died a couple days ago.”

Ellen winced sympathetically. “Ouch…sorry to hear that.”

Sarah sniffled a bit. “So I just need to fix this stupid thing with Elliot, because I can’t deal with him being mad at me and--”

“Why is he mad at you?” Ellen suddenly interjected. “How’d this whole fight start?”

Sarah’s expression turned abruptly harsh. “Not that it’s any of your business, but Elliot was just completely not there for me when I needed him to be after grandpa died, and--”

“Not there for you?” Ellen echoed. “That doesn’t sound like Elliot.”

“Well, he wasn’t!” Sarah snapped back.

“So, what, was he avoiding you?”

Sarah paused. “Well…no…”

“Did he refuse to listen to you when you wanted to talk about it?”


“Did he push you away when, I assume, you wanted comfort from him?”


“So he was there for you, he did listen to you talk to him about your grandpa dying, and he did try to comfort you….and in response you yell and him and call him insensitive and say you never want to see him again?” Ellen’s eyes narrowed into a glare again. “Yeah, you might wanna fix that.”

“Look, I didn’t come here so you could judge me! I just want to talk to Elliot!”

Ellen rolled her eyes and yawned, too tired to argue. “Whatever. He’s at Tedd’s place.”

Thank you,” she said back, and turned down the block toward Tedd’s house.

“Yeesh…mood swings much…?” Ellen muttered before shutting the door and returning to her nap.


“I’d like to reiterate that I have a very bad feeling about this.”

“Duly noted,” Tedd answered drolly. “Screwdriver.”

Elliot dropped the requested tool lazily into Tedd’s outstretched hand. “What the hell are you building, anyway?”

“Just a small safety case for holding the diamond and the TF Gun while I run the first experiment,” Tedd explained as he gestured to the contraption before him. It was a box of sorts, with clear, hard plastic walls held together with steel rims along the edges. At the top of the box was a latch that unlocked the lid of the box, the hinges of which Tedd was currently screwing into place. The box was small enough to fit atop Tedd’s desk, but large enough to hold both the TF Gun and the dewitchery diamond comfortably; Elliot knew this because that was exactly what was inside the box, each mounted on a small stand that held them upright.

“And what, exactly, does this experiment of yours entail?” Elliot asked, not quite sure he wanted to hear the answer.

“Oh, it’s just a simple test of the TF Gun’s transforming effects when combined with the diamond,” Tedd said as calmly as though he were commenting on the weather.

This did nothing to ease Elliot’s nerves. “So, what, is it supposed to transform you and split you in two at the same time?”

“That’s a distinct possibility.”

Elliot slapped his forehead. “Tedd…”

“Don’t worry, Elliot!” Tedd assured him. “I’m not gonna test any transforming settings yet; in fact, this is the perfect time for a real test of the stun setting!”

“Obviously your definition of ‘perfect’ and mine are in severe conflict,” Elliot muttered. “Please tell me you don’t plan to test it on yourself. Or me, for that matter.”

“I can see where you’d think that, but no,” Tedd assured him. “And on that note, wait right here while I grab my test subjects.”

Tedd darted up the stairs abruptly, leaving Elliot alone with his thoughts.

Great. Just what he needed.

It came as no surprise to him when thoughts of Sarah were the first to float forward, and he couldn’t help but wonder again just what her problem was. He had the beginnings of a picture now, having talked to Tedd – the idea that she was unleashing her anger over her grandfather at some undeserving, outside entity that just happened to be him – but what he still couldn’t figure out was, why was she lashing out at him? Of all the people or places or things she could have focused her anger on, why did it have to be him? What had he ever done to deserve it? He loved her, cared about her, did nice things for her, apologized if he said something stupid…all the things a good boyfriend was supposed to do. So why was he the scapegoat?

His mind flashed back to the moment it had started, when she’d first told him about her loss. He remembered the expression on her face so clearly…and he’d hated seeing it. He hated to see her even the slightest bit sad. It ate at him, pained him to see such sadness etched into her face, and worse still, he hated not knowing how to comfort her. He hadn’t really known her grandfather at all, beyond meeting him once or twice and by word of mouth from Sarah, so whatever comfort he’d tried to offer her, though it was the best he could do, wasn’t much at all.

Maybe that was her problem, Elliot thought with a slight frown. Maybe he just hadn’t been able to give her the comfort she’d needed, and in response she’d lashed out in frustration. That certainly would make sense of this whole mess, he reasoned.

But coming to this realization wasn’t a relief as he’d been hoping it would be. He only grew more annoyed than ever. All that might have explained Sarah’s actions, but it did nothing to excuse them. He’d done nothing wrong, nothing at all, and she was mad at him? Sure, maybe if it had been a momentary thing, he wouldn’t have minded; but she was letting this drag on for two days? It was ridiculous.

He shook his head, frustrated all over again. He didn’t want to think about it anymore, it was only making him madder. He resigned himself not to think about it anymore, not until Sarah came to him and apologized.

So when he heard the words Tedd was saying as he thudded back down the steps, it was just his misfortune that he chose that moment to snap.

“Hey, ah, Elliot? About Sarah--”

“Tedd, I’m done talking about Sarah, okay?” he said loudly, not looking toward him. “If she wants to be a pain about this, let her, I’m sick of talking about it.”

“Ah…Elliot…she’s here.”

Elliot’s head whipped around in horror, and sure enough, there she was at the bottom of the stairs, glaring at him with tired, bloodshot eyes half-obscured by her messy hair. Standing beside her was uncomfortable-looking Tedd holding a cage of lab rats, who coughed awkwardly and scurried over to his workstation again.

“I’ll just, um…go over here…don’t mind me…” he murmured.

Sarah ignored him, her glare still focused on Elliot. “So I’m a pain now, am I?”

Elliot grimaced and tried not to get angry. “Look, Sarah, I didn’t mean--”

“Y’know what? Forget it. I only came here hoping you’d be ready to apologize, but clearly you aren’t, so I’m just wasting my time.”

Elliot stood and stared back at her in disbelief. “Excuse me?! You actually expect me to apologize to you?!”

“For being an insensitive jerk!” she snapped back.

“I was not being insensitive!” Elliot insisted, walking up to her. “I was trying to be there for you when you needed me!”

“Fat lot of help you were!”

“Hey, I did the best I could! Excuse me if that’s not good enough for you!”

“Don’t you even care about how I felt?! Don’t you care at all about what I was going through?!”

“Of course I care! But dammit, Sarah, that’s just the way life is! I’m sorry about your loss, I am, but you have no right to take your anger out on me!”

“I’m not taking anything out on you! You’re just being an insensitive jerk!”

“Oh, yeah, like I’m going to believe that!”

“Are you calling me a liar now?!”

“If the shoe fits!”

“How dare you!”

“How dare I what?! You’re the one who got pissed off at me over nothing! You’re the one who shut me out when I tried to help you through a tough time! You’re the one being an ungrateful little baby about it!”

Elliot realized a second too late that he might have pushed it too far; and he was right. That was the last straw for Sarah. Her hand somehow fell on a large, heavy book, and before she even knew what she was doing she’d lifted it and thrown it as hard as she could at Elliot’s head. Elliot’s eyes widened, and he quickly ducked as his reflexes kicked in. The book sailed clear over him, and instead found a new target: the back of Tedd’s head.


Tedd jerked, but didn’t make a sound as his body suddenly rag-dolled, and his head fell forward to slam down upon the remote trigger of his TF Gun.

“…oops…” Sarah said in a small voice.

Inside its case, the TF Gun fired a steady stream of energy, aimed at the dewitchery diamond. The beam hit the crystal, and it began to glow with a strange green light that Elliot couldn’t tell if it was the TF Gun’s energy or the crystal’s own glow. The one lab rat that Tedd had apparently placed inside before getting knocked out squeaked in fear, trying to claw its way out of the box.

“What’s happening?!” Sarah demanded, a hint of fear leaking into her own voice.

“It’s Tedd’s stupid experiment…” Elliot growled. “It’s going nuts…”

“Is that the dewitchery diamond?!”

“That’s the one,” he answered, rushing forward.

Sarah hurried after him. “Elliot, don’t touch it, you don’t know what could happen!”

“I’ve gotta shut it off somehow, or it might blow up!” he shot back as he reached Tedd and lifted his head off the remote trigger, letting him lean back limply in his chair. On closer inspection, however, the sheer weight of him hitting the button had broken it. The TF Gun was still firing its beam, the glow from the diamond was getting stronger by the second, and now the gun itself was starting to shimmer.

“Damn…the gun’s overloading,” Elliot muttered, reaching instead for the lid of the case.

“Elliot, wait!” Sarah shouted.

“I have to shut it off before it explodes or something!” he repeated. “Take cover just in case!”

“But what if--”

“Just do it, Sarah!”

Elliot turned his attention back to the case, unaware that Sarah still stood right behind him defiantly. He put a hand into the case, reaching for the trigger…


A shock of green bolted through Elliot’s body the second he touched the TF Gun that was overloading with stun energy. Elliot too fell limp, collapsing unconscious to the floor and dragging the whole case down with him.

“ELLIOT!” Sarah cried, running to him, but froze as she watched the contents of the case spill out on the floor. The TF Gun had shut down at the same moment it knocked out Elliot, but the instant the beam cut off, the diamond’s glow began to pulse violently.

Half-terrified, Sarah backpedaled a few steps, but she had no time to do anything else. The last thing she was aware of was a brilliant green flash from the diamond’s core…and then…

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Postby Piebunny on Sat Aug 12, 2006 8:41 pm

*waits avidly for next chapter*
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Postby Jonixlord on Sat Aug 12, 2006 9:06 pm

Ooh! angsty teen drama with a side of sci-fi! I like it! Please, sah. I want some moh.
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Postby CidGregor on Sun Aug 13, 2006 1:53 am

Heh, well thank you for the comments, guys! Glad you're liking it! At the moment it seems like this fic has become my main focus....guess I needed a break from the TT stuff!

Anyway, barring a rapid return to TT, more chapters should be coming soon, so stay tuned!
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Postby CidGregor on Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:42 am

Update: August 18th

Chapter Four: Kiss and Make Up

“……how it happened……”

A hint of a voice pierced through the haze in his head, and for a moment it made his head pound…who was talking so loud…?

“……miracle……no injuries……”

The voice faded in and out through his head, and he couldn’t recognize it, but it sounded like it might have been male.

“……will……up soon?”

A decidedly new voice, squeaky and worried now…definitely female…and definitely hurting his head with its high pitch. He winced, and heard himself mutter a little.

“Look, he’s coming to…”

“Is he okay?”

“Elliot? Elliot, can you hear me? It’s Sarah, sweetie…wake up…”

Elliot groaned irritably and forced his eyes open. A trio of faces hovered over his face: Mister Verres, looking stern and annoyed; the furry half-squirrel figure of Grace Scuridae, glancing back and forth between him and something across the room; and Sarah, who was closest to him, clutching his hand and stroking his cheek.

“Sarah…?” he half-whispered.

The girl nodded rapidly, breaking out into a smile. “Hi…”

“Unnhh…what happened?” he mumbled.

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Mister Verres said, arms crossed in front of him as he gave Elliot the evil eye.

Elliot shook his head and ran a hand over his face, trying to wake up, and suddenly in all came back to him in a flash. “…Tedd…he was trying to experiment with the diamond, and it went haywire…”

Mister Verres rolled his eyes irritably. “I should have known…that son of mine…can’t trust him with anything sometimes…”

“Is he okay?” Elliot asked.

“He’s just knocked out,” Grace answered. “He hasn’t woken up yet, though…”

She glanced worriedly across the room again, and Elliot sat up and followed her gaze to where Tedd still lay limp against the chair from a painful-looking bruise on his head. Beneath his chair, a couple of loose lab rats scurried around, battling over stray bits of food.

“How long have we been out?” Elliot asked.

“A couple of hours, at least…what in the world happened to him…?” Grace wondered aloud, moving over with Mister Verres to tend to her boyfriend and not noticing the guilty expression that grew on Sarah’s face.

Elliot didn’t miss it though. He gazed back at her, his own expression becoming as stern as Mister Verres’ a moment ago. “Sarah…” he began scoldingly.

He didn’t get any farther, though, before tears suddenly began to fall from her eyes and she threw her arms tightly around him. “Oh, Elliot…thank god you’re okay…”

Elliot raised a surprised eyebrow. “…Um…Sarah?”

Sarah just hugged him tighter, words spilling forth in a rush. “I got so scared, Elliot, I had no idea what that thing did to you, I didn’t know if you were gonna ever wake up and what if the last memory of you I ever had was a stupid fight and me throwing a book at you and I’d never be able to live with myself and…oh, Elliot, I’m so sorry…”

Despite his surprise at this sudden reversal, Elliot instinctively hugged her back, stroking her hair comfortingly. “Shh…it’s okay, Sarah, I’m fine…look, I’m right here, everything’s alright…”

“No it’s not,” Sarah insisted, sniffling on his shoulder. “I already lost one person I love this week, and I was so afraid I was gonna lose another before I got a chance to fix things between us, because you were right, Elliot, I was so stupid, I was just angry and I took it all out on you and you didn’t deserve it at all and I’m really really sorry--”

“Sarah, shh, calm down,” Elliot whispered into her ear, a wave of guilt over their earlier argument coming down on him at her words. “It’s okay, Sarah, I forgive you…I’m sorry too…I was just being bitter…”

She pulled back from the hug just enough to look at him, eyes shining. “So you don’t hate me…?”

Elliot shook his head. “Never.”

That smile he loved so much grew on her face again, and with one last sniffle she drew close and pressed her lips to his. Elliot was all too eager to kiss and make up as well, and returned her affections immediately, still stroking her hair.

“I missed you…” she murmured happily against his lips, not letting go of him.

It was a bit of a surprise to Elliot how long she held onto him, how deep she let the kiss go before it finally ended. By the time she released him they both had to take a minute to catch their breath as they smiled at each other. Elliot didn’t mind, though. A little extra intensity was well-warranted in this case. And besides, he certainly enjoyed it.

“He’s waking up!” Grace suddenly squealed.

Elliot turned and saw Tedd slowly stirring in the chair, one hand quickly moving to rub the bruise on his head. The moment he seemed fully conscious, Grace tackled him to the ground, hugging him and nuzzling his cheek.

“Yay, you’re awake!” she exclaimed.

“Nnghh…head…searing pain…” he whined.

“Oh, Tedd, what on Earth happened to you?”

At that moment Elliot nudged Sarah in the back, who coughed just loud enough to draw their attention.

“Um…I’m sorry, that was my fault…” she admitted. “I, um…kind of snapped at Elliot and threw a book at him, but…I, ah…missed.”

“A book?” Tedd muttered. “How did a book do this much damage?”

Sarah looked apologetically at him. “Um…It was a pretty big book. That one by your feet, I think.”

Tedd looked, and sure enough the very book she’d thrown lay there. He grabbed the sizeable volume and inspected the title. “…The Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Manual. Well, that explains things.”

“As long as we’re explaining things…” Mister Verres suddenly growled from over Tedd’s shoulder, making him freeze in place. “Perhaps you could explain to me why you broke into my safe deposit box, took the dewitchery diamond to experiment on it, and otherwise generally disobeyed me?!”

Tedd spun and gave his father a nervous smile. “Ah-heh…well, see…technically there was no ‘breaking’ involved, so…”

“Uh-huh. Nice try.” He hoisted Tedd out from under Grace and off the ground. “You’re going to catch those loose lab rats of yours, and then you’re going upstairs and staying there. No lab access for a week.”

Tedd groaned. “A week?!”

“Keep that up and it’ll be two!”

“Aww, man…nothing even happened!”

“But it easily could have! That’s why I told you not to mess with it in the first place! It’s a miracle we didn’t end up with two of all of you! Now go get those rats and get upstairs!”

Tedd groaned again and turned to look for them, but Grace was already two steps ahead. She stood behind him, in her half-cat form now, grinning at him…or at least, grinning as best she could when she had the pair of loose rats dangling by their tails from her teeth.

Elliot chuckled at that, then looked at Sarah. “I guess that’s our cue to leave.”

Sarah nodded back and glanced at Tedd and Grace. “Sorry again about the book! I owe you one, okay?”

“Yeah yeah, all is forgiven and all that jazz,” Tedd muttered, waving them off as he took the rats from Grace and put them in the cage.

A second later Elliot felt a tug on his arm from Sarah, and the two hurried upstairs and out of the house into the night air, glad to be free. They’d had enough of Tedd’s place for quite a while.


Minutes passed as the pair walked together in silence, heading generally back toward Sarah’s house. Elliot felt her squeeze his hand gently, and he turned to see her smiling up at him. Elliot couldn’t help but smile back, and he realized just how much he’d missed this closeness with her. The fight seemed like a distant memory already, and he was quite glad for that.

“Some day, huh?” he asked.

“Yeah…some day,” she echoed.

“So what happened after I got knocked out?”

“Oh…it wasn’t too bad,” Sarah assured him. “The TF Gun’s energy hit me too, but it was already shutting down, so it wasn’t very strong. I was only out for a few minutes or so, and when I woke up I ran upstairs to get Grace and Tedd’s dad, and then we just...had to wait a couple of hours until that blast wore off on you and Tedd came to.” She looked curiously at him. “What was that, anyway? I’ve never seen the TF Gun do that.”

“Oh, that was just Tedd’s new ‘stun’ setting,” Elliot explained. “Ever since he heard the whole story of Ellen fighting that super-goo monster and she mentioned the part about her beam stunning it instead of transforming it, he’s been trying to copy that effect. He just got it down today, I guess.”

Sarah nodded her understanding. “Heh…that Tedd…”

They fell silent for another few minutes as they walked, the only light left around them coming from the street lamps along the sidewalks. A breeze blew by, which gave Sarah an abrupt chill even through her coat, and Elliot realized with a blush that she was only wearing pajamas under it.

He coughed and cleared his throat. “Are you, um…cold?”

He expected her to insist that she wasn’t, that he needn’t worry about her, and for him to have to insist in return that he offer her an extra coat or something. He was again mildly surprised, then, that she instead nodded, and took his words as an invitation to stop for a moment and wrap herself tightly around him.

“You’re warm…” she murmured, closing her eyes and smiling.

“Ah-heh…y-yeah,” Elliot stuttered back. He put his own arms around her as well, which seemed to really please her, because in response she nuzzled her cheek against his and sent extremely pleasurable feelings bolting through Elliot’s body.

“I’m glad you don’t hate me,” she said quietly.

Elliot managed to compose himself quickly enough, but still slowly rubbed her back, comforting her. “I could never hate you, Sarah. You know I love you.”

“I love you too, Elliot.”

Elliot sighed a little. “And…I’m really sorry about…your grandpa…”

“It’s okay, Elliot,” she said, slowly pulling back from him so they could walk again. “You were right before. It’s just…part of life. And I realized that…I can either mope about it and feel sorry for myself…or I can live life to the fullest.” She looked pointedly up at him. “I’m done moping. I’m gonna get back to living now.”

Elliot smiled back down at her. “Sounds good to me.”

A moment later they were at her house, and he was walking her up to the front door.

“Well…guess this is goodnight,” Sarah said, a little sadly.

“Yeah…guess so…” Elliot had to agree. “…I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Thanks to you,” she replied.

“Heh…no problem,” he said with a quiet chuckle. “So…I’ll see you tomorrow?”

She nodded. “Yeah…definitely.”

“Yeah…so…” He leaned in and pecked her on the cheek. “Goodnight.”

Sarah wasn’t satisfied with that, apparently, because before he could move away she pulled him around and kissed him full on the lips again, more full and intense than before…more than ever, really.

“Mmm…?” Elliot murmured for a moment before responding. This was new to him, this intensity. Not that he minded at all – far from it, in fact, he was more than eager – but he hadn’t expected it. Sarah was just full of surprises today, it seemed.

It didn’t last quite as long this time, which Elliot was only aware of because he didn’t have to gasp for breath when they parted, but he didn’t mind. He was just happy to be kissing her again at all.

So was Sarah, he realized as she traced a finger teasingly over his mouth. “God, I missed those lips…”

“Yeah…me too,” Elliot said, smiling.

Sarah pushed her door open and kissed him briefly once more before crossing the threshold. “Goodnight,” she whispered.

“Night, Sarah…” he whispered back, and by the time she closed the door and he’d turned to walk away, it was all he could do not to grin like a moron all the way home.


“Nnnghh…stupid dad…can’t believe this…grounded for a week…”

Tedd stomped into his bedroom, slammed the door, and dropped the cage of rats roughly on the dresser, spurring a series of squeaks from its residents. He dropped face-down on the bed and growled into the pillow, thoroughly annoyed. Why did his dad even care? Nothing bad had happened. Everyone was fine, unless he counted the bruise on his head, which really wasn’t that bad at all. He’d just been curious. And now he was grounded from the lab for a week and he hadn’t even gotten to see the experiment take place thanks to Sarah, even if it had gone nuts. Worse, he couldn’t even look at recordings of it; all the equipment for his webcams was in the basement lab as well, and his dad was currently placing a very large bolt and padlock on the door to keep him out.

He turned over and stared at the rat cage, glaring at it. He’d gone through all the trouble of getting lab rats so that his dad would get off his back about testing experimental transformations on himself, and he hadn’t gotten to use them at all. Thirteen perfectly good rats, and he hadn’t gotten to use them, and he wouldn’t for at least the next week…

His thought process suddenly ground to a halt. “Thirteen…?” he said aloud. “I could swear I only got twelve…”

He looked more closely at the cage, counting the rats inside. And then counted again. And again. And every time, he got the same number: thirteen.

A slow grin crossed Tedd’s face. “What do you know…maybe this fiasco wasn’t a total bust after all…”
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Postby catldr24 on Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:35 pm

*applauds* Excellent!
Drayco: ((Oh yeah, I forgot he's been repeatedly used as a weapon during the fight. ^^; ))
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Postby Jonixlord on Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:05 pm

*joins in applause*

I can't wait for the next installment.
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Postby Piebunny on Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:31 pm

Ooh.... cliffhanger-y.
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Postby Spazz on Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:44 pm


Why're you emphasising the rats now?
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Postby Jonixlord on Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:49 pm

Spazz wrote:Cool.

Why're you emphasising the rats now?

you'll just have to wait for the next installment.
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Postby MysticForms on Sat Aug 19, 2006 12:10 am

Spazz wrote:Cool.

Why're you emphasising the rats now?

Because it's meant as a way for you to realize something. If there were 12 before, and 13 now, then the one that was in there had split. Now the question is, did the same happen to Sarah or Elliot :P
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*bump-y thread-y time, because this is mayhem and things slip into oblivion within a few days*


Holy Gingersnaps! Me was away on holidays and didn't really see all of this before! I like it a lot, and I can't wait for more! I mean it! So... write!!! :evilgrin:

I really enjoyed your characterization of Sarah and Elliot: the feelings and sensations they exchange are very realistic and well-written. I also enjoyed the excellent impression of day-to-day-life in EGS that you gave. It really looks like you have a good story to tell, and know exactly how to tell it, and how much time/weight the words should have (I envy you a lot about this: I am waaay too wordy in my fanfics :nervous:).

Keep up the good work, and please... give us more!
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Heh, well thank you. Not to worry, next chapter's well on its way. I'm trying a bit of shifting perspectives, since I want to involve the whole of the main cast at least a little bit considering the fic is obviously rather Sarah/Elliot-centric, hence Ellen's scene, and the current one I'm scribbling down for Susan.

But yeah, thanks a lot, and watch for the next update sometime this week.
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Chapter Five: Tardy


“Here, ma’am!”










“It’s Susan.”

“I’m sorry, Tiffany, but I will not accept nicknames. Ahem…Judy?”

Susan Pompoms grimaced, rolled her eyes, and banged her head on the desk. What was wrong with this teacher? Her way of running things was seriously ancient. She insisted on calling role every single day, completely refused to allow anyone the use of any nicknames, and Susan seriously suspected that if she could get away with it, she’d give detentions for improper posture.

The older woman peered over her thick glasses, scrolling down the seating chart she mandated upon them. “Elliot?”

No response.

Susan looked up from her desk at that, and stared at Elliot’s just in front of her. To her considerable surprise, it stood empty. Elliot, absent? That just…didn’t happen. Ever.

The teacher apparently thought along the same lines, because her tone was one of thorough shock. “Elliot Dunkel?”

Again there was no response, and the teacher was halfway toward grabbing her pen and marking him absent before the door swung open and a flushed-looking Elliot hurried in.

“I’m here, I’m here!” he assured the teacher, sitting down and grinning broadly like nothing at all was wrong.

The teacher gave him a disapproving look. “Young man, I expect better from you than tardiness!”

Elliot nodded happily. “I know, I’m sorry, Ms. Harding, I got stuck in traffic. Won’t happen again.”

“Yes, well, see that it doesn’t,” Ms. Harding said, and went back to calling role.

Susan, meanwhile, leaned forward to poke Elliot in the back. “Since when is there traffic at seven thirty in the morning?” she muttered.

“Heh…what can I say?” he responded with a suppressed, nervous chuckle. “It was a fluke morning.”

Susan narrowed her eyes at the back of his head. “Not that you aren’t a horrible liar anyway, but you must think I’m senile if you expect me to believe that.”

Elliot waved it off with another unnerved laugh. “Really, it’s the truth.”

“Drop the act, Elliot, you were not stuck in traffic. You were making out with Sarah.”

Elliot twitched involuntarily and looked slowly back at her. “W-what makes you say that?”

“You have a hickey on your neck.”

Quick as a flash his hand bolted to cover the offending red mark just above and behind his left shoulder. “Ah…heh…I can explain that…”

“Spare me the sap story,” Susan stopped him. “I’m a little more concerned about it making you late. And I’m guessing Sarah was late too. You never let that happen before. Ever.”

“Can this wait ‘til after class, maybe? I’d rather not get detention on top of a tardy.”

Susan sighed in annoyance, but dropped it for the moment. Throughout the entire period she glared at the back of Elliot’s head, only half-paying attention to the teacher’s droning voice as she lectured them on the workings of the human circulatory system.

A long, tedious hour and a half later, the bell rang, ending first period, and Susan stalked right behind Elliot out the door, making sure he couldn’t slip out without her.

“Well?” she probed.

Elliot glanced sideways. “Are you still on that? It’s not a big deal,” he said evasively. “Why do you care so much?”

“I don’t. But you and Sarah should.”

“It’s just a tardy.”

“It was almost an unexcused absence. Would you like to explain to your parents that you got an unexcused absence because you were too busy making out with your girlfriend?”

“Alright, so we were making out, but so what? Big deal!” he argued as he stopped at his locker and exchanged a few books. “So what if we lost track of time for a minute, one time? It was a fluke. Quit worrying about it.”

“Ugh…fine,” Susan relented. “As long as it’s not the start of a pattern.”

“It’s not, don’t worry!” Elliot assured her. “We’re just…y’know…catching up on lost time from the fight.”

Susan rolled her eyes. “Sometimes I’m glad I’m single…love makes people stupid.”

“Har-har, very funny,” Elliot threw back, smirking. “I’m going to class. See you at lunch.”

He shut the door and stalked off to his next class, leaving Susan to stand by his locker staring curiously after him. He wasn’t lying, not anymore…and his reasoning made sense, and he promised it wasn’t the start of a pattern, and for his part, she believed him…and if she knew Sarah, the girl would calm down after a little while and things would get back to normal. Everything seemed right and sensible and logical.

…So why do I still get a weird feeling about it?




“Have you noticing anything…different…about Elliot and Sarah recently?”

“Mmm…nufink ‘oo diffint…’y?”

“Chew and swallow, Tedd.”


Tedd gulped down a mouthful of turkey sandwich and chased it with chocolate milk, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “You were saying?”

Susan chose to ignore his less-than-sanitary manners for the moment. “I was asking if Elliot and Sarah seemed different to you.”

Tedd shrugged. “I haven’t noticed anything different…why?”

“Because we’re sitting here talking about them when they’re five feet away from us, and they’re not hearing a word we say because they’re too busy swooning over each other.”

Tedd turned from Susan to look at the couple in question. Indeed, neither Elliot nor Sarah seemed to be aware that their friends were talking about them, or that they were even sitting there at all. They were squeezed close together on the bench, foreheads resting against each other as they whispered and giggled to themselves and stole quick little kisses every few seconds.

“Ugh…I’m gonna hurl…” Susan grunted.

“So they’re a little…extra affectionate,” Tedd said. “It’s not unusual. They just made up two days ago. Let ‘em enjoy being okay again.”

“It’s disgusting,” Susan countered. “At least before now they kept the sappy stuff private. Now they’re all over each other no matter where they are.”

“Like I said, they were hating each other’s guts for a good couple of days. That’s a lot of unused sap building up. I’m sure they’ll be back to normal after they spend it all.”

“They’d better…‘cause they’re seriously pushing my tolerance level of Public Display of Affection.”

“Oh, stop being a grump, you’re not the one who got grounded for a week,” Tedd said as he stuffed another chunk of sandwich in his mouth. “T’y an’ ‘ee ‘appy fo’ ‘em.”

“Do that again and I’m going to shove that whole sandwich down your throat and choke you with it.”

Tedd simpered. “…‘oint ‘aken…er…opff…fowy…”

Susan only rolled her eyes and glanced back at the other two, who were now whispering rather excitedly, and Susan was pretty sure she heard the words ‘broom closet’ somewhere in the exchange. A second later the couple stood hand in hand, Sarah tugging Elliot’s arm playfully.

“We’re gonna take off, guys,” Elliot announced as she pulled him away from the table, waving. “Later!”

They were gone in moments, leaving Susan to stare suspiciously after them. There was something different there, alright…she didn’t know if it was a good different or a bad different, but it was there…and unlike Tedd, she wasn’t so sure it could all be chalked up to built-up affections. Something else was going on…

…but what?


God, he loved kissing her.

His back was up against the far corner of the tiny broom closet, his hands firmly latched around Sarah’s waist and holding her close to his body. Her hands were slipped around his neck and up into his hair, delicate fingers running through the dark auburn strands that he made sure to take extra good care of, because he knew she loved to run her hands through it just like she was doing now. Her own hair was splashed over her shoulders, the bright blonde a stark contrast to his own, but no less beautiful; and the skin of her arms sliding along his neck was like a silk scarf wrapping itself around him and making him feel like he held royalty in his arms.

Of course, none of this he really noticed at that particular moment, because he was far too occupied by the feel of her lips mingling with his. At first they had been the gentler, more tender kisses he was used to, that they’d generally always shared. But just like she had two nights ago after the lab accident, the kisses grew deeper, longer, more intense, the longer their embrace held. Which was quite a while.

It was such new territory to Elliot; never territory that he minded exploring, not at all, but new nonetheless. It was entirely different from kissing Nanase, at the very least. There had been something lacking with her. He hadn’t known what it was then, but he knew now that some level of passion had always been absent there. He knew it because it was far from absent in Sarah’s kisses. It was downright electric with her, and her lips were just so red and full and…and was that cherry lip balm he tasted? God he loved that…

Somewhere in a distant part of his mind, he became aware that the bell was ringing for the end of lunch. It’d be about five minutes before it rang again and made them late for class, so reluctantly he broke the kiss, which briefly made her whimper like a hurt puppy.

“I know, I know,” Elliot said, just as disappointed, “but we really gotta go to class, we were already late once today…”

Sarah made a pretend-whining sound. “I hope you’re not saying you’d rather go to class than stay here with me,” she said playfully.

“Not even a little,” Elliot assured her. “But we still have to go, or Susan’s gonna get on our case about it again.”

“You too? How’d she know?”

He rubbed a bit nervously at the reddened hickey mark on his neck. “She noticed your little present…heh…”

“Aww, she just wishes she had one,” Sarah giggled.

Elliot smiled back. “Okay, now we really have to go.”

“I know…” she murmured sadly.

“Hey, c’mon, it’s only two more periods and then we’re home free. We can spend the whole rest of the day together if you want.”

Sarah’s mood shifted quickly at that prospect, and she smiled broadly at him. “That sounds like a great way to spend a Monday.”

“I thought so too,” Elliot said back, his hands rubbing her hips still, which she seemed to really like. She eventually drew back, though, to turn to the door.

“Well…see you after school, then,” she said, hand on the knob.

“Oh, hey, wait!” Elliot suddenly stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. “I almost forgot…I wanna ask you something.”

She turned back to him eagerly. “What is it?”

Elliot took a long breath. “Well…y’know how the Random Dudes are in town this Saturday on their concert tour?”

Sarah nodded, grinning. “Oh, I LOVE the Random Dudes, they’re my favorite band!”

Elliot smiled. “Yeah…I know.” He reached slowly into his jacket pocket and drew out two cards of laminated paper. “That’s why I got these.”

Sarah’s expression was blank for a handful of heartbeats, and for a brief moment he wondered if perhaps she hadn’t quite heard him. But then her eyes went wide and her voice filled with excitement as she stared at the words on the cards.

“You got BACKSTAGE PASSES to the Random Dudes?!”

Elliot nodded. “That I did.”

Sarah marveled at them. “Elliot, these must’ve cost a fortune!”

Elliot waved it off. “Aww, it wasn’t that bad…I’ve been saving up for it.”

Sarah’s eyes sparkled. “This is really for real?!”

Elliot grinned, slipping them back into his pocket. “Mmhmm. You, me, and the band. Saturday night. Ten O’clock. What do you say?”

“I say it’s a date!” she squealed, and leapt into his arms again and bumped him into a stack of brooms and he almost stumbled into the mop bucket, but he didn’t care. Seeing her smiling face was so worth it.


Elliot gasped. “Crap, we’re late again!”

Sarah gasped too and hopped off him. They hurried out of the cramped closet together, rushing hand-in-hand down the hall toward their classes, and skidded to a momentary stop just outside the door to Elliot’s.

He squeezed Sarah’s hand briefly. “I’ll meet you right outside after school, ‘kay?”

“Kay,” she breathed, and gave him a quick smack on the lips. “Love you!”

“Love you too!” he called as she hurried off, and he ducked into his own classroom, and very nearly managed to successfully sneak into his seat unnoticed before the teacher paused from scribbling the quadratic formula on the board to look out at the class, caught him, and gave him another tardy.


Yes, I pluralized the guy in Sarah's poster and made a whole band out of him, so sue me. =P
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*applauds* Hm... this is cool.... Keep it going!!
Drayco: ((Oh yeah, I forgot he's been repeatedly used as a weapon during the fight. ^^; ))
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I just can't wait to see where this is going :o
And I love how you made up the band... the "Random Dudes", heh :wink:

Thumbs up!
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You have NO idea how tempted I am to put a main-universe version of Archie in the band as the drummer. =P
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This is a hint-shaped bump. I'm enjoying this, will it continue?
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Postby CidGregor on Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:21 pm

It most certainly will. Right now, in fact! ^_^


Update: Sept. 27th

Chapter Six: Suspicious Behaviors


For a heartbeat or two, Elliot felt his body become weightless as his body flew through the air. But an instant later gravity kicked in and he fell roughly to the floor, tumbling and rolling a couple of times before coming to a stop on his back.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Elliot?”

Elliot sat up and turned to his opponent, grinning despite his defeat. “Never better. Why?”

Justin Tolkiberry frowned concernedly. “No offense, but you should be wiping the floor with me. You’re way stronger than I am.”

“And?” Elliot said, rather distantly. “You’re probably getting better.”

“Elliot, that’s the third time I’ve thrown you down in five minutes.”

Elliot blinked in surprise. “Really? That many?”

“You’re not even paying attention to the match?!” he demanded indignantly.

“Oh…heh…S-sorry, Justin,” Elliot stammered. “I’ve just kinda had a lot on my mind lately…”

“Funny. I would’ve guessed you’d gone brain-dead.”

Elliot turned toward the second voice, one with a much more firm edge to it, and saw the intimidating, red-headed figure of Nanase Kitsune looming over him, a hard look in her dark green eyes.

“Brain-dead?” Elliot echoed. “What makes you say that?”

“Oh, not much…just the fact that you’ve barely been reachable for the last five days, and whenever one of us does get a hold of you, you’re not yourself at all.”

Elliot raised one eyebrow. Not himself? What was she talking about? He hadn’t changed at all. At least, he didn’t think so. Maybe he was spending a little more time with Sarah than he used to, but could he really be blamed for that? They did just get over a fight, after all, and they were a lot closer than ever now. They were exploring a lot of new firsts that they’d been too shy to consider before. Just last night, in fact, they’d snuggled together under a blanket and watched movies until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. That had definitely been nice to wake up to…her head resting on his chest while she slept, her lips slightly puckered at first and then spreading wide as she yawned cutely. The images hadn’t left his mind all day. Which, he figured, was probably why he hadn’t been paying much attention to his spar with Justin.

“Alright, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied the last few days, but--” Elliot started to admit.

“A bit preoccupied?” Nanase scoffed. “Elliot, you’ve barely been able to tear your lips off of Sarah’s to go to classes! Susan told me what happened on Monday. TWO tardy warnings, because you were busy making out with her in the broom closet?”

“They made out in a broom closet?” Justin echoed, with a note of jealousy that Elliot was far too indignant to notice.

“Why is everyone suddenly making my personal life out to be public business?!” he demanded. “It’s between me and her, alright?! And besides, Sarah’s not some evil, conniving, spiteful chick out to wreck our lives. This isn’t Mean Girls. She’s my friend. She’s your friend. Why’s she suddenly the bad guy?”

Nanase rolled her eyes and sighed. “Look, Elliot, we’re not…criticizing. We’re not trying to butt into your personal business, and we’re certainly not trying to vilify Sarah. We’re just…concerned.”

“Concerned about what?!”

“That you’re letting your relationship with Sarah start to take over your life.”

Elliot growled. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Think about it, Elliot! Ever since last weekend you’ve barely talked to any of us except Sarah, you were tardy twice on Monday because you were too busy making out with her…”

“You’re neglecting your martial arts training,” Justin added helpfully.

“And I’m hearing you ditched Tedd and Susan entirely today so you two could slip out and go skinny dipping,” Nanase finished.

Elliot paled. “We did NOT go skinny dipping!”

“Well, to be fair, that was Tedd’s theory, so no one really believed it, but him and Susan still said you cut out early with her!”

“How the heck would they know that?!”

“Because you always give them a ride home at the end of the day! Except today you ditched them and left them to walk home!”

That, Elliot realized with a sharp pang of guilt, he could not argue against. It hadn’t even occurred to him until right then, he’d been so preoccupied by his plans with Sarah, but Nanase was right; he had completely forgotten about giving Susan and Tedd a ride home today.

“Are you getting it, Elliot? You’re slipping,” Nanase said. “You’re starting to put your alone time with Sarah before your responsibilities, not only to school, but to your friends.” She paused. “…What did you and Sarah dash off to do, anyway?”

Elliot ran an embarrassed hand through his hair and stared at the ground. “We…wanted to catch a movie, and…ended up…” his voice fell to an unintelligible mumble.

Nanase clapped her hands sharply in front of his face. “Speak up!”

Elliot grimaced. “Making out in the back of the theater, okay?!”

“Wow, that must’ve been some movie to ditch your friends for,” Nanase said snidely.

“Alright already, you made your point!” Elliot growled. “Enough with the guilt trip, I get it, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize to me. Tell it to Susan and Tedd.”

Elliot silently fumed; half because he couldn’t believe they were butting into his relationship so much…and half because he couldn’t deny that they were mostly right. He’d been giving Sarah so much of his attention the last five days…almost all of it, actually. Ever since their fight ended they’d hardly been separate from each other…and Nanase was right, everything and everyone else had taken a backseat. And he never really felt sorry for it until now. It never even occurred to him, really, he was so consumed by his relationship. There was something about Sarah lately that was just…intoxicating. She’d always been more interested in their emotional and mental connections in the past – their open dialogue, their shared interests, and perhaps a tender kiss here and there – but since the fight, the physical aspects had taken a definite leap forward. Like she’d thrown off a conservative outer skin and become comfortable with physical closeness as much as with mental and emotional.

None of this was bad, of course, not by a long-shot…it wasn’t like they were pushing each other into something they weren’t ready for…but Nanase was still right. They’d enjoyed the after-fight make-up session long enough, and it was time to put his life back into balance.

“Elliot? You okay?”

He shook himself back into focus, and realized Nanase was looking concernedly down at him now.

“I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything, I just--”

“No, you’re right,” Elliot stopped her. “You’re absolutely right. I owe Tedd and Susan an apology…and no more neglecting friends or being tardy at school, I promise.”

Nanase studied him for a moment, and ultimately allowed a small smile. “See, that wasn’t so hard.”

He turned back to Justin as he finally got to his feet again. “So…where were we?”

“Oh, probably the part where you start handing my rear-end to me on a platter again,” he said, laughing good-naturedly.

Elliot laughed too. “Sounds good to me.” He sunk into a fighting stance. “But hey, you’re still up by three moves. Maybe it’ll hold.”

“Yeah, sure…”

And the spar resumed.


“…So y’see, Mister Verres, it’s really important that I get this book, ‘cause I hafta read it for English class, except I left it down in the basement, and I can’t get it now that you put the lock on the door ‘cause of the whole grounding thing, so I’d really really reeeeally appreciate it if you could open up the basement just for a minute so I can get it…please?”

Mr. Verres blinked amusedly at Grace, a small smile appearing on his gruff expression. “Really, Grace, you’re far too formal. You aren’t the one in trouble. Of course you can go get your book.” And without so much as a hint of protest he reached into his pocket and handed the half-squirrel a shiny silver key.

Grace blinked in surprise, staring at the object in her outstretched hand. “Really? Just like that?”

“It wouldn’t be fair of me to bar you from the basement for trouble you didn’t cause, much less prevent you from completing your studies. Now go on. Just bring the key back when you’re done with it.”

Grace stood stock still for a moment before recovering. “Um…alright…I will…ah…hehe…thanks…”

She turned away from the living room and scampered quickly over to the basement door, marveling at how simple the first stage of her little mission had been. For all of Tedd’s pre-mission prep talk she’d expected him to question her more. He must’ve really trusted her.

Great. Now she felt guilty for taking advantage. Boy, Tedd was lucky she actually did need to get a book out of the basement, so she hadn’t had to lie, too.

She slipped inside, flicked on the light, and closed the basement door behind her. Immediately she looked down at her wrist, and began talking into her watch. Or at least it looked like a watch.

“Okay, I’m inside,” she whispered. “Now what?”

A brief burst of static sounded before Tedd’s voice rang through it. “Now you just gotta find my cameras and bring ‘em upstairs. Dad’ll never notice they’re gone. You remember where they are?”

“Yeah, but….what do you need them for?”

“I can’t stand waiting until Saturday for me to be un-grounded! I gotta know exactly what went on down there the day of that weird accident, and those cameras should have recorded the whole thing!”

“Why do you wanna know so bad?”

“All part of being a scientist, Grace. The never-ending thirst for knowledge.”

“Well then, just for your information, I don’t like taking advantage of your dad’s trust like this, so you’re lucky I actually do need to get stuff from down here for school.”

Her words actually seemed to give Tedd pause, because he didn’t say anything for a while, which started to worry her. “Tedd?”

“…I’m sorry, Grace, I didn’t even think of that. If you’re not comfortable doing this, just forget about the cameras and come on back upstairs. If it upsets you at all, it’s not worth it to me.”

Grace sighed and smiled a little. “You’re a sweetheart, Tedd…but it’s okay. You know I’d do anything for you.”

“…You sure?”

“Of course, Tedd. I love you.”

She could almost hear the smile appear on his face. “I love you too. Thank you, Grace.”

“No problem. I’ll be back in a flash.”

She clicked off the watch and turned her eyes to the ceiling, where several of Tedd’s cameras were mounted. She couldn’t see them at all from where she was, but according to Tedd that was the point. They were small and unobtrusive. She’d have to get up close before she could recognize any of them.

Mentally following Tedd’s directions, she crawled nimbly up onto the desk to where the first camera was placed. She peered closely at the ceiling, searching, but at first she saw nothing…until a small spark caught her attention.

Her head whipped around to look in the direction of the tiny flash, and as soon as her eyes fell on the source of the flash, they widened in shock and wonder.

“What on Earth…?”


Tedd, meanwhile, paced back and forth in his room, his computer set up and ready to download the data from his cameras for detailed study and analysis. Despite his brief wave of guilt, he couldn’t contain his excitement at the prospect of finally figuring out what happened that strange Saturday evening. The wait had been killing him, and it was a relief that he’d managed to come up with this plan to cut the wait a few days short. If that extra rat meant what he thought it did…

His pacing was at last cut off by Grace’s return, and he practically leapt at the door to let her in when she knocked.

“Did you find them?” he asked excitedly. His excitement faded almost instantly, however, when he realized the troubled, confused look on her squirrelly face as she came inside. “…what happened? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” Grace answered quietly. “It doesn’t make any sense…”

“What doesn’t make sense?”

Her hands, which were currently wrapped around a small cardboard box, reached for the lid and pulled it off in slow motion. Almost warily, Tedd gazed inside, and blanched.

“What the hell…?”

All six of his cameras were sitting there in the box, except each of them was broken apart into several pieces, some with wires ripped clean out that sparked now and then with the remnants of their battery power. No camera was torn into less than three pieces.

“I found them all like this,” Grace said, snapping him back into focus. “I don’t know how, but someone…maybe something…wrecked all the cameras.”

Tedd lifted the pieces out carefully, looking at each of them with an intense stare, then setting them one by one on his desk. Come on… he silently pleaded. Please let there be just one left…that’s all I need……Aha!

“It can’t just be an accident…someone had to have known that these were here and broken them. But…who would do something like that…?” Grace wondered aloud.

“Maybe…someone who doesn’t want anyone to know what happened down there,” Tedd said grimly, removing a small piece of something from three of the cameras. “Problem is they weren’t thorough enough…I hope.”

“What do you mean?”

He held up the three objects. “Digital memory cards. There was one in every camera. The other three were totally shattered, but these ones weren’t. They’re damaged…but with a couple of days work, I might be able to salvage some of the data. With any luck, one of them can tell us what we need to know.”

“But Tedd…the only ones who were there at the time were--”

“Me, Sarah and Elliot. I know.”

“…Tedd…you don’t think…”

Tedd was silent.

“…Tedd, what possible reason could--”

“I’m not jumping to any conclusions. I’m going to fix these memory cards, and I’m going to figure this out for sure.”

“But they wouldn’t, Tedd! They wouldn’t!”

“…I don’t think they would either,” he said, staring at the cards.


“…and that’s what worries me…”

Apologies for the delay, I was working on a couple of other projects for a little while.
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