SMMG Can Update No More

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SMMG Can Update No More

Postby CoreyA on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:38 pm

My esteemed fans, I am no longer able to update Superosity Makes Me Giddy. Having resolved to submit a new entry to the rarefied blog before the extended silence reached its two year mark, I discovered I had forgotten the password. I had also forgotten the associated account name and email address. Years of indulgence in fermented beef hash seems to have taken its toll on the old cerebral matter. I can no longer reliably remember more than two things: don't die and read Superosity daily.

But while I am sure we all quietly mourn the loss of SMMG, we may take heart in the knowledge that it but the loss of a distant satellite faintly reflecting its central theme. While Superosity holds steady, joy will never waver.
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