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Is there anything that tastes like Cherry Chapstick smells?

Cherry Chapstick tastes like it smells.
Some of the Red Nerds taste like cherry
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I licked the undercarriage of my pack-mule, and no.
I'm confused and angered by your query.
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Blow this out your pipe and smoke it!

Postby Roger Sims on Thu Aug 28, 2003 11:36 pm

Uhh, yeah, so my scanner isn't working lately (could you tell?), and my wrist still hurts from the paint-comic I did yesterday (carpal tunnel is a bitch). So's I was scanning my hard-drive for some stuff - and there, betwixt the gigs and gigs of pornography, was a sketch I can't ever remember posting. I can find no records of it's showing on the site either, so if you recognize it, YOU'RE MAKING IT UP! There, I said it.

The cards don't lie, people. They can't lie. The cards are slick, and hard to stick on flat surfaces, BUT IT CAN BE DONE! There, I said it.

The cards were a metaphor for society, and segregation, and degeneracy. Mostly tho, they were playing cards of the bicycle variety. Endlessly spinning their wheels and never going anywhere.

Sometimes we'd play war, and many of the cards would die. The cards in this example are a metaphor for our Brave Troops, segregation, society, degenerates, and the magestic Dik Dik.

My chief objective today was to frollic, and I accomplished it with aplomb.

I don't even know what that word means. I assume it's something like a bomb made from or to blow up plums. I think I ate a purple cherry bomb this afternoon, that's where all the confusion stems from.

Most of it anyway.

The difference between a fruit and a vegetable is that fruit is filled with gun-powder, and vegetables don't actually exist.

Oh yeah...

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