About "Pupkin"

Half puppy, half pumpkin, all love, Pupkin is a round orange dog who wanders the streets of America in search of money. Appeared on the Keenspot Comics Page from October 2004 to April 2005.

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About "Pupkin"

Postby Pupkin on Fri Mar 04, 2005 4:59 pm

"Pupkin" began as a daily comic strip on July 1, 2002, and ended prematurely after 175 strips on December 22, 2002. It was a very surreal story about a round orange dog who kept finding himself in increasingly bizarre situations. In October of 2004 it was reborn as a one-panel comic on the Keenspot Comics Page, which appears in newspapers nationwide, and on February 28, 2005, those new comics started running on my site as a Monday/Wednesday/Friday strip. In April of 2005, after doing 50 comics, I quit the new version of "Pupkin." Those comics continued to run on my site until June 22, 2005, when they ran out.

To fully experience what was the original "Pupkin" comic, you should start with the first strip and read it along with my daily commentary for extra madness. The new "Pupkin" is a kindler, gentler version, and it started here.

Thank you for loving "Pupkin."
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