i just read every issue, took me 2 days

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i just read every issue, took me 2 days

Postby Javierfv on Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:18 am

Hi there, im new around here, i just found this web yesterday and you online comic, and i must say, great job Chris.
i just couldnt stop reading, very interesting story and was great to see how the drawing evolves. Now i just need moooooooarr i want to know what will happen with rae and mikayla (gosht i love that girl, but she need a short name, mika, kay or something :P) and the store, and the poor max at convention ( getting those prezels to alli, ahahaha) and lets see if a huge truck or train struck Haven or whatever she is, i hate her so much ( i now will be more elaborate, is just a desire :evil: )

I have one question, you are working on anything else? cause if is like this one, i really want to read it and talk about it to my friends.

ED: oops, and a happy new year :)
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Re: i just read every issue, took me 2 days

Postby atristain on Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:57 am

Check Punch and Pie it' a great story that follows the antics from some characters from the now defunct Queen of Wands. (Which I also recommend if you're a Something Positive reader since his artist stole rescued the main character)
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