This year...

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This year...

Postby MaSuAnime on Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:32 am

This year has been all fine and dandy in my personal life, but man, I laugh at all of these people saying, "Change is coming". I ask you, what change could it possibly be? since 2001 our country has been getting shittier, and shittier. Look at all of the horrid bills that have been passed by the House and the Senate (even in 2006 once the Democrats took majority) the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Act, and the new FISA Laws were passed. I find it ridiculous to believe that things are changing for the better, especially from the man who the media supported the most. Obama had news support even before he started to run, yet people who were against the grain of the system like lets say Ron Paul, who voted against the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act (which says all people, including harmless civilians can be labeled unlawful combatants), the John Warner Defense Act, and the New FISA Laws. He wanted to return us to the gold standard, and fix our debt based economy. Fiat currencies, historically cannot last forever, and ours is coming to the end. We have given the power of money over to the bankers that put us here, when Congress passed the Bailout bill, and guess what, Mr. Barack Obama and John McCain were both behind. So ask yourself, if 90% of America is against a Banker bailout, why did it happen? We live in a Fascism, plain and simple. We are shown candidates who all preach the same things, with a slightly different curb, just enough to be called "Change" and we do it again and again, every 4 years. The funny thing is, we get people out there who run for President, and they don't play ball, like Ron Paul. He didn't sell out his votes or swear fealty to any corporation. He told it how it is, and wanted to fix America, and he got great grassroots support, yet the media blacked him out. In 4 years, i can laugh once more, as we sign in someone else, and expecting so much "Change" yet its never going to happen, because you keep betting on the pony the corporations put in front of your face.
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