Sep-16 Uncomfortable Silence

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Sep-16 Uncomfortable Silence

Postby atristain on Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:13 am

Well, this looks like the ending of this arc and the beginning on some major changes for the main cast...

I wonder what will happen to them...
    1. Will Lydia turn herself in? What will be of her? Is she going to get another gig for Bohica Mouse?

    2. What will be the result of this confrontation between Max and Chip? Will this mean they'll break apart? Chip still has to answer for all that he did when he was with Naomi. Does this mean he'll change his ways finally?

    3. Will Rae find Haven finally? Where has she been all this time? Will she start a new relation with Mikayla or will she get back to Haven?

    4. Will we see the Thyme to Die guys again?

    5. Will Tommy be able to find enough food to satisfy Em? What kind of cravings is she having?

    6. Will Damion get a new succesfull coffee recipe?

    7. Will we get to see Pu Yai again? (I really want to learn more about him, he's a real mistery) Will he get the chance to kick crotches again?

    8. Does Max knows Mia is doing the nasty with Rob? Are they really doing the nasty or just misleading us, using double entedres?

    9. Will Willy be able to be free to roam around using his bike? Will he ever learn about the one that was stolen?
Feel free to punch on any of this...

I really want to know what does Chris have in store for us... 8)
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Re: Sep-16 Uncomfortable Silence

Postby daanton on Fri Oct 24, 2008 3:45 pm

Hopefully not.... the beginning of the end??? :shifty:
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