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Superman Movie

Postby Icthius on Thu Apr 28, 2005 3:37 pm

The complaints about his costume aren't really invalid--and they aren't really centered around tights v. armor arguement. Here's the costume:
The boots are cowboy boots, the red undies are too small, the "S" is too small, and his costume is changed from red and blue to dark red and dark blue. These new additions are needless and take away from the overall feel of the costume. A quick photoshop shows what it should look like:
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Postby Malapterus on Mon May 16, 2005 7:27 pm

sweet zombie jesus

I'm all for old-school purity. Serisuly. And okay, i don't like the rubber stamp on his chest, i perfer the old-fashioned screen print logo.

But seriously, of all the things to bitch about, you pick THIS?! they gave Herbie hydraulic shocks!

They have some colors a bit off. Lord. Did you ever stop to think that maybe a) rubber like that in bright colors looks like a cartoon and b) maybe it's just bad lighting!

Forget the fact that the guy IN the suit looks like an insurance salesman. Forget that the suit is barely being filled out and that the man has no JAW.

No, instead sit up all night delicately photoshopping Superman's CROTCH. I think you have bigger problems than a dark red cape, my friend.
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