The Park [03/07/05]

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The Park [03/07/05]

Postby asp55 on Mon Mar 07, 2005 2:19 am it just me, or does that park seem like the Muir Woods - Ancient Redwood Forest outside of San Francisco?

...I swear it is.
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Postby Ringading on Mon Mar 07, 2005 3:08 am

I've got a Challenge of the Machine Men video in one of the drawers of the desk that I'm sitting at. While Googling for Rock Lords, I found that Challenge of the Machine Men is the same thing as Gobots.
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Postby X-BoB58 on Mon Mar 07, 2005 1:14 pm

Rocklords................ Remember the Gemlords and fossel lords?

P.S. With one of E-hobbys newer reppaints it links Tfs with gobots, by repainting the Minibot reissiue.
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