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SUBJECT: Mike Warner
*File found on Martian augmentation*

[The subject Mike Warner is assumed to be one of many failed attempts by the Head Alien (deceased) to create a perfect shock troop. Detachment from all basic human weakness: emotion, pain, and fear.
In eliminating these "flaws" it was reportedly documented that in theory the subject would become unflinching in the face of any opposition or situation allowing for optimum results in the subjects overall performance. The Head Alien, after observing the behavior patterns of humans under the influence of performance enhancing stimulants as well as those humans who were influenced drastically by recognizing mental sensations akin to "love" and "anger" in combative situations.

It was proposed that the subject-- once the operations were implemented into the nervous system-- would know only the mission and carry out any order no matter how suicidal-- to the optimum capacity any human body could attain. Such results had only been observed in test groups classified as "insane" or mentally handicapped. The desired outcome was supposedly a soul-less drone which retained reasoning and problem solving skills.
Evidence gathered on the nature of the project has been fragmented and sparse as in many other cases of abductee research, however observation of the subjects-- particularly Mike Warner has offered further confirmation. Quick link to video captured evidence-->

-Blip!- Video Samples Retrieved

VIDEO FILE MW00336236.mpg
He expresses neither fear, nor concern for the physically superior and berserk Tony bearing down on him. Also notable is that Mike did nothing until it was spoken aloud by a ranking commander that Tony had to be stopped.

VIDEO FILE MW00336238.mpg
His methods of evasion show no technique or concentration, no change in breathing. The subject Mike Warner seems to react rather than anticipate.

VIDEO FILE MW00336242.mpg
Despite the crushing force of Tony's assault the subject remained unchanged in expression and disposition. It was debated to an extent that his complaint of a burning sensation was a sign that the subject could feel after all. This was partly debunked however with the suggestion that it was his augmentations furiously numbing the consequences of a broken nose and cracked jaw. The other wounds were reportedly cuts and scrapes from the shrapnel created by shattered concrete.

VIDEO FILE MW00451134.mpg
As evaluated the subject Mike Warner followed his directives to the very end. Although it is based on conjecture alone it is believed that he sacrificed his life to protect the abductee Joyce in accordance with commander David Walkerton's final order for her to flee which could have been perceived that her safety was current priority.

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-Blip!- Window Closed

The Head Alien's chief concern was loyalty-- the subject was originally intended as the blue print for the mental control utilized on the event filed as *Year Zero* and some recovered data suggests the project was scraped before the process was perfected.
The subject known as Mike Warner was the final human to be fitted with "Detachments" and a physical analysis suggests he was the most successful of those abductee's selected. Although data was gathered on the subject outside of mission situations it was deemed inconsequential as well as immoral to be included in abductee ability evaluations.

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