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The ongoing story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem.

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Postby BandMan2K on Sat Aug 25, 2007 12:39 am

Greg wrote:
Jamie wrote:"Hey Cats, Chelsea is Naked Again!!"


Uhhhhh ... no.


I guess the sad truth is COTC is just not worth talking about. Oh woe is me. *sniff* I am doomed to obscurity, (the sign of a true artist), unless I kill myself. Then everyone will talk, especially if I do it creatively or add sex to it somehow. Maybe go clutching a photo of Paris Hilton. That'll do it!


OK, I realise it's been a while since I dropped in, but you're not allowed to go thinking the comic is not worth talking about! I've spent the last two nights catching up on the previous years comics, so don't quit on me now I'm up to date.

However, naked Chelsea pics are always appreciated. ;-)

You're not the only one that needs to get updated on the comic. I was suprised as Hell that my profile was still available. Even more amazed that I could remember my password to reaccess my profile and whatnot. Good thing I've got the weekend to get caught back up again on COTC. Now if you excuse me...
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Postby Tangent on Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:38 pm

Pshah. Who needs Burns to endorse CotC when Tangents is in your back pocket? :D

Seriously. CotC was my first regular webcomic (I had read Supermegatopia or whatever it's called before that, but didn't realize it updated and promptly forgot about it). Of the first webcomics... it's the only one I'm still reading and enjoying (CRfH just has lost that love somehow... and Alice, another favorite of mine, hasn't updated forever :(... hmm... not sure of other first-time comics. I really should map out my comic reading some decade).

If I quit reading webcomics... I'd still come back to read CotC. You've managed to have the comic grow and evolve... and yet not lose my interest. Even with the huge warehouse of comics I read these days... CotC is in my top three all-time favorites, up there with Girl Genius and Megatokyo.

Take care, Jamie.
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