My review of COTC

The ongoing story of Chelsea Chattan, a witch, who after a three year absence, returns to her hometown only to find out that things are not always what they seem.

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My review of COTC

Postby Milambrios on Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:57 pm

After finishing the archives and watching the comic for a few months i decided i couldnt resist and wanted to give my opinion of COTC in the calssic x/10 format.

Started out a little rough, but smoothed up perty nicely, none of the hard to bear cartoony look, with some nice clean and crisp lines, mostly realistic. One thing, is one can usualy tell how much effort the artist put into the work and/or how much time that was avilable to compleate it.
Lore is:over arching plot line, who/where/how some one comes from, basic rules/physics/realism of the world.
World physica/laws are rather interesting, call it an over the top version of the real world, with a little hocus pocus thrown in. It apears that in most occasions the occultic rules stay true to those in our universe.
Thankfully there are no crazy over powered "kill god by looking at him but forget i have power", kind of characters. In most cases the characers seem to stay true to a single kind of personality. Tho in some cases watching them react is like watching high school emotions come into play, ie a little predictable and hard to bear their selfishness. Only one major problem, apears to be little if any character change. Weakness seem to stay, or get reinforced by events leading to a main character that nearly apears to be schizophrenic some times. Or atleast bi-polar manic depresive. Only one real complaint. There needs to be better dynamic between characters. Having a main character is great, following the main character is great, but if characters dont seem to have any over arching or even short term impact on each other, it leaves the mental tast of dry fruit cake. 6/10
Very nice, intricate with a few more interesting twists. Some cases can be a little bit on the "i saw that comming"-esque. On occasion does haved the feeling of watching a spanish soap opera, with some harry potter thrown in. 9/10
Dont see any real problems with plot line consistency. you dont suddenly see some one with a scar who didnt have it a moment ago, or a green shirt when last pannel they had a red. Nothing major at least.

Over all, it is, on occasion entirely to difficult to take, having the consistency (plot wise) of a spanish soap opera with some hocus pocus. The main character is flawed, perhaps in some cases almost crippled, by her own infalible misunderstandings of her own place in the world. The continuing inability of her to realise that she isnt god (the omnipotent omnipresent kind alteast) and cant control every nuance of her life (screams "control freak") and becomes at times laughingly (nearly, or on one occasion not so nearly) self mutilatingly depressed over this problem. One has a hard time asking exactly how much IQ she looses every time she transforms into a panther. The other characters have in interesting plethora of backgrounds and personalities. Some that are excelent suport characters, and others that one has a difficult time understanding there ultimate place in the story. As mentioned above there seems to be some inter personal dynamic and interaction problems, but that can occasionaly be glossed over by the number of interesting people in the story.

Despite its numerous short commings, and (seeming) character problems, or perhaps becaus of them. The comic comes off as an interesting examination into the life of one rather messed up person with an extraordinary life. Its done in a way that dosnt feel episodic, or short lived. The characters personalaties are even done in a way that, on occasion, makes them feel as if they are living breathing beings.

Definitly in my top 10 favorit comics.
"Not believin in a god becaus of some sort of moral ground is immature. Beleving in a god for the same reason, is just the same. One must have a proof for or against a god based upon something outside of belief. Reason, logic, or say a giant halo headed figure smashing your house would help." -common sense.

"The problem with todays society isnt anything that one would normaly think. On one side, a mass of people so into the "johnses" attitude there consuming themselves into retardation. On the other hand are people who are so into the "spiritual" they have spiritualized themselves stupid"-balance is the key.
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