Don't warn the hero before you do that (11/18/2013)

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Don't warn the hero before you do that (11/18/2013)

Postby The Traveler on Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:17 am

No seriously, just don't.

I mean really, if you've got a contract to kill a person, and you've shown you're perfectly willing to execute your own guys if they fail, why wouldn't you just detonate the ship the second the target got on board?
The Traveler
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Re: Don't warn the hero before you do that (11/18/2013)

Postby bahamutkod on Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:03 pm

Hahahaha... oh man. The scar and monocle. They really did that for a villain.

To answer your question: because deep down he KNOWS the bomb wouldn't do jack and she'd comically show up RIGHT where he is and punch him good! Everything we've seen thus far suggests Danica is utterly unstoppable and no threat could ever get past her to hurt her precious ickle station and fwiends.

Even in Dominic Deegan the protagonist wasn't some unstoppable force of awesome who couldn't be blindsided--and he was a seer and Mookie's self-insert. How, pray tell, is Danica that much worse of an unstoppable Mary Sue than Dominic Deegan right out of the box?!

This is a man who hosts panels on "Writing Interesting Heroes and Villains", people.

Edit: Well, "Memorable"... but honestly, any seven year old could write a character like this.
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