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Postby Peterman on Fri May 03, 2002 2:50 am

On 2002-05-02 19:23, CjRayn wrote:
You people didn't know that Ar'roogah knew Baughb until just recently? He said he knew an elf named Bobberick a long time ago, and we have heard Baughb be reffered to as Baughberrick in the past.

No one "knew" that Ar'roogah knew Baughb. Ar'roogah said (quoted from the text-only part of Crisis!): "Bob? Dat sounds familiar sumhow. No, Arroogah tinking of an elf name Bobberick. But dat vas in anudder land, a lung, lung time ago, vay back vhen even Arroogah vas a young barbarian."

First, Ar'rrogah only said he was <i>thinking</i> of a certain "Bobberick", not that he had actually met him. It was very possible that he had just heard the tales of Baughb the Hero.

Second, Ar'roogah's mention of "Bobberick" was very brief and was never followed up. No explanation was ever given (until now) how Ar'roogah could have met Baughb "a long time ago". This made it seem all the more likely that he had only heard the name "Bobberick" in stories, or perhaps that it was a potential plot twist that Carson decided wasn't worth finishing. And since Ar'roogah didn't appear in the comic again until a few months ago, I think it would be pretty natural if most people forgot those few lines from the text-only part.

Third, it's clear from the 020426 strip that Ar'roogah never knew Baughb as "Baughb": "Is it true, Gladfiddle? Yer also der famous Baughb the Elf?". This <i>confirms</i> that he had heard about Baughb the Elf without knowing he had actually met him once.
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Postby Vicious Fat Flea on Fri May 03, 2002 11:32 am

Could there be a political reason Baughb cannot marry Filis PLUS cannot let her die? I mean, she is the last of the royalty. If the elfs are to be ported off somewhere to start all over again, you might need a figure head for a provisional govt of some sort ot pull everything together and up keep public morale. If she dies, no more figure head. If he marries her, and he is going to die anyway, possible chance that the line is going to be discontinued (assuming she doesn't remarry).
Hmm am I making sense? Must be studying too much.. makes me stupid.
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Postby TGIF on Fri May 03, 2002 2:01 pm

On 2002-05-03 12:32, Vicious Fat Flea wrote:
Could there be a political reason Baughb cannot marry Filis PLUS cannot let her die?

I agree that keeping the royal family alive seems to be a part (perhaps a large part?) of Baughb's concerns.

As to your thoughts as to why he might not be willing to marry Filis, I think that it would be the opposite, that it is a strong reason why specifically Baughb should marry Filis: she has not been too interested in marriage in the past, and she would probably not find any of the elves of her age of interest to marry (too tame and boring). So if Filis is to have offspring, Baughb would have to marry her and get her pregnant before he gets "killed". (In quotes because I hope that Baughb's understanding of the future is incomplete.)

By the way, does anyone think that Baughb is really a prince, as he claimed? Or do you think he was playing games because he didn't want to hint to the fact that Filis is in fact a princess? If he really is a prince, this would be an additional argument why specifically Baughb should marry Filis.

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Postby kazper on Mon May 06, 2002 6:19 am

Anyone else considered that up until now great-grandfather have seemed very keen on getting Baughb and Filis together? Why should that change, and what plans might he have?
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Postby Lilpinkbush on Thu Jul 18, 2002 11:00 am

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Postby Skane on Fri Jul 19, 2002 9:35 am

Lilpinkbush wrote:Hmm....

Hmmmm indeed, especially since this forum is supposed to be dead. The official ElfLife forum can found through the homepage.
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