[8-20] "Why?"

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[8-20] "Why?"

Postby PalominoMule on Fri Aug 20, 2004 8:43 am

Taking a cue from my observations of the "It's Walky!" forum...

I'll admit it, I was confused about the text bubbles and what order they are. I know now that it's over the relay, but that still doesn't indicate any real order...unless that's the point. The relay allows for such direct mental input, and often the mind jumps around from one thing to the next, replying to things out of order. I may just be interpreting everything wrong.

Also, Riley's dice is adorable. Tiny and griffin-like, and I adore the plumage. It has four wings, yes? A wonderful design; but Syke's always had a talent for making interesting beasties.
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Postby Syke on Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:13 am

Yes, it's supposed to signify a jumble of thoughts. I didn't bother with color coding it simply because I wanted to add to it. It would've made more sense in sequence like in a regular comic book. You'd put it together faster. ;)

If the text had been done, it would've made it so clear,.. but it's not. I'm going to work on the text later today since people have been donating like crazy and well.. today's my first day full time on the job. *I have to go out and buy food though.*
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