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Extra Content, Anyone?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 12:05 pm
by Aaron M. Holm, esquire

If I were to make up some premium content, merchandise, downloadables, etc., exactly what all would you be wanting?

Be detailed, Kiddies. I'm taking notes.

- A.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:18 pm
by Arrus
Hmmm...Maybe a purely Davros storyline, or a backstory?

heh..she's..nice to look at, and if she turns out to be an equally interesting character, that'd be good.

More about Ajax, of course...I like her. Though I suppose backstory is coming up in-comic, eh? Hmmm...I'll think more on this, I will.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:18 am
by Aaron M. Holm, esquire

Not a whole lot, then? Are you guys so used to me not giving you much that this is pretty-much what you expect?


PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2002 2:56 pm
by NioTciVnoC
Shirts and posters. With great one liners! Like The Biz, I am a Naughty Boy, Make No Mistake U owe Me and I will come and collect,, etc... etc...