What the deuce?

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What the deuce?

Postby p4rty_cl0wn on Mon Jan 12, 2004 1:34 am

Holy flavored shit on a breadstick roger! Am I perhaps locked in a hallucinogenic trance of some kind? Or has my brain unwittingly forced me to play 'drink whatevers under the sink!' agian!? Because it appears that...you're updating JaV?

I hope you are not in the process of hatching a diabolical plan that will force me to return to a keenspot page over and OVER? I THOUGHT I WAS PAST ALL THAT!

Life is hilariously cruel indeed Mr. Sims, indeed.

(in the chance that you ARE updating JaV and i am ALSO battling some mind bending fungal oppressor i will be forced to resort to my trump card of 'giggling like a man possessed' possessed of what i am not sure, but i fervently hope it has nothing to do with my little pony)

edit:contrary to popular belief, i am NOT a homeless man with dry elbows.
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Postby Roger Sims on Tue Jan 13, 2004 2:10 am

First of all. Yes to everything you said. However, spelling party with a 4 is a mistake only the most severe fetal alcohol baby would make. Most gradeschool children would recognize this as a numeral, and thus not to be contained within a word. Also, a 5 kind of looks like an S, you might want to check that out.

I find that a good kick in the pants does more to enhance one's self-esteem than to degrade it. Again, I find alot of things - most of them in the dumpster - and am often at a loss as to explain their use. Once I found a french fry soaking in a pool of what appeared to be mollasses. On closer inspection (with my tounge, in my mouth) it turned out that it was just as sweet as mollasses, but contained an alarming amount of pubic hair.

I'm now convinced that Mrs. Butterworth must have squatted over a consignment of syrup bottles, and I was lucky enough to taste the results.

As precious as most memories are, these last few make me want to make my tummy regurbelate.

Did anyone read Family Circus this sunday? The fat kid's grandad flew down from heaven just in time to stop him from masturbating.


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