The "calm" before the storm? (05/03)

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Postby Janus on Fri May 03, 2002 5:26 pm

(Elix here.)

Yeek... it's almost good to see the firey assertive side of Cotton again...Bob may be acting a little, but I think he's realized that he is in fact playing with fire. And if Gene and CW spill the bans about what's going on behind the scenes (both in the radio station and out on the streets), it could get pretty ugly.

However, here's my speculative question of the day. What exactly do Gene and CW want to tell Cotton about? Let's see:

1) The shadow people
2) The 'tricks' Bob's been pulling on Cotton (assuming they're aware of it)
3) Borzoi & the Furry Fiends
4) Avariss' Reckoning has been released in Furriston (somehow), and they need SotS to give him some more headaches. :grin:

Whatever you do, don't quit, Gene. :grin:
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