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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2001 6:49 am
by BeckyBabe
To celebrate Arbor Day, as well as our comic "Remote Control Happiness" being added to the Keenspace
line-up ( ... NOW.) we're having one heckuva big horkin' contest.<P>We invite everyone to come enter for their chance to win THE MYSTERIOUS JAPANESE PRIZE PACK LUNCHBOX OF
DOOM*. We headed out to the Japanese section of town and bought some of the most insane toys the import
store had to offer, and we want to give them all away to you.<P>So help us help you be happy. Go enter the MYSTERIOUS JAPANESE PRIZE PACK LUNCHBOX OF DOOM* contest.<P>Good Luck!
Alan and Anthony<P>Just thought I'd share.<P>------------------
BeckyBabe luv's ya