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Postby Lord Emsworth on Fri Nov 30, 2001 6:16 am

Former Beatle George Harrison passed away at 2:30 pm, Thursday, of cancer at the age of 58. Thus "JadeWEAPN8" gets a point in [url=<A HREF="]The" TARGET=_blank>]The</A> Ghoul Pool[/url]. (Still waiting for Lee to add my point for the late Raymond Edward Johnson.) While not as ardent a Beatle fan as some, it's still a shame to know that now there's only two of the "Fab Four" remaining (though given his health state, it's not entirely surprising.) Farewell, Mr. Harrison. <P>------------------
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Postby Lee Herold on Mon Dec 03, 2001 3:27 am

Thanks, Lord E. God bless you for keeping track of the lousy thing, which I've grown to hate. Can you do me a favor?<P>At the end of the year, can you let me know who all from the list has died? I'll cross-check that against those on the list & those who have emailed me but haven't been added (and likely never will, physically) so I can figure out if there's a winner.<P>If there's no winner, all the people who are tied will go into sudden-death overtime, and the next death will win it. <P>After that, the Ghoul Pool goes away. What a fiasco.<P>------------------
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