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Postby AccordionDad on Mon Mar 18, 2002 6:51 am

Quoted from the news story on today's L&F Homepage: "I don't think anybody here really noticed anything wrong with the first batch," said Kyle Patterson, a public information officer at Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colo. "I didn't even know that there were supposed to be 13 stripes...."

No wonder these guys could never catch Yogi.
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Postby Rognik on Sat Mar 23, 2002 7:03 am

I'm glad I'm Canadian and only have to worry about how many points there are on that stupid maple leaf. (3 section, 3 points each, and one base point on each side: total 11)
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Postby Darth Paradox on Sat Apr 06, 2002 11:48 pm

11's easy enough to remember, anyway. Though hasn't it changed, with Nunavut?
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