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Private Eye Frank Chase and his partner/dog Max are on the case!

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Postby Lord Emsworth on Sat Sep 30, 2000 6:44 am

Pardon me for starting another thread, but I was a trifle uncertain as to the best place to post this. I had this fine comic pointed out to me recently, and merely wanted to say that I have been enjoying it considerably.<P>Aside from being attractively rendered, one of the most appealing aspects of the strip is the basic concept, adding a smart, talking dog to the detective formula, and thus, in my opinion, generally acting as more of an homage to the genre than a parody. <P>I must admit to being biased towards "The Trouble with Furbles" and "Mrs. Pheel's Cookies" myself, as they had more of a traditional detective feel to them, complete with informants and frustrating cops, than those which relied more on parody. The gag-a-day strips are equally enjoyable, especially those with Peanut, and one hopes he might become involved in one of the cases at some point. His first appearance, especially, reminded me of some angry letters to my local newspaper about how the Taco Bell chihuaha was insulting to Hispanics, and one person claimed that his own pet chihuahas were deeply insulted by the ads. I am still not entirely sure whether that individual was serious or not, but he complained about the matter at some length. <P>Frank's romantic efforts with Beth also provided, in my opinion, some needed character development. Max is the more interesting character, in my opinion; but then again, the average reader
would have tendency to be more interested in an intelligent, finicky, chocolate loving, talking dog than his owner. Of course, this strip does tend to rely more on gags and situations than character relationships, but the gags are generally funny and well executed, and besides many of the old hardboiled detective novels had little character development anyway. <P>Ahem, well, pardon me for rambling. In short, Mr. Milligan, I commend you on your fine efforts, and am anxiously awaiting the next exciting case. <P><p>[This message has been edited by Lord Emsworth (edited 09-30-2000).]
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Postby Johnski333 on Mon Oct 02, 2000 6:16 am

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Postby Sharkey on Wed Oct 04, 2000 12:14 am

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Postby kmd on Wed Oct 04, 2000 9:03 am

I am not nearly as um...wordy as Lord E, but I will say I'm a new reader, and this strip is great. Fantastic art, great stories, good character development. You are definitely Keenspot-worthy in my book. Keep it up! <P>Oh, and way to go in the Newsbox! Some readers will stick around, others won't. But the numbers at Keenspot just keep growing and growing, so the next time you're in the 'Box, the number will be even higher! :><P>------------------
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