[Off Topic] Californian CO Levels [RESOLVED -Faulty Data]

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[Off Topic] Californian CO Levels [RESOLVED -Faulty Data]

Postby Heng on Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:49 am

http://gmao.gsfc.nasa.gov/news/geos_sys ... ations.php

NASA blames faulty sensor for incorrect readings. data is no longer reliable. *sigh* well, better safe than sorry i guess.

I am kinda intrigued by how consistently that faulty data mirrored the fault lines and did _not_ produce faulty data world wide but only in california... but who am i to second-guess NASA scientist :-)

TL;DR: Possible warning signs of major earthquake in California within a few days. Data looks reliable, conclusion looks plausible.
Apologies, should you consider this spam... but I'd rather be banned than take chances here...

I.) (fact)
Very recently (around Feb-26th 2016) the atmospheric level of carbon monoxide (CO) along the west coast spiked. Suddenly, unexpected, and significantly (peak levels thousand times over background level).
These data comes from NASA observations and looks reliable. (play with the timeline, link goes to the first occurence, so scroll back a day or two to see the normal levels...)

II.) (fact)
In 2010 some scientists reported an observed CO emission _prior_ to a major earthquake (in Gujarat, India), linked to tectonic activity. (http://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/sci_team/pubs/abstract_new.php?id=00638)

III.) (rumors/speculation)
several people on the internet are connecting I. and II., and draw the conclusion, that a major tectonic event might happen somewhere on the west coast _within_the_next_couple_of_days_(!). roughly between L.A. and Canada... unfortunately no respectable news site is reporting this... currently only "sources" on the fringes of credibility have articles... (google "california carbon monoxide quake")


I, personally, think the data is valid, and the conclusion is plausible enough for me to write this post...
So, prep up, share the concern, and stay safe!
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