Pet peeve: Finland vs. Scandinavia (18 Jun 2009)

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Pet peeve: Finland vs. Scandinavia (18 Jun 2009)

Postby Juuro on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:21 am

In the last panel we have a Finnish-language response to a question about taking Scandinavian studies 102A. As any trueborn Finn is ready to expound at length, Finland is not part of Scandinavia; Scandinavia is the peninsula containing Sweden and Norway, and its natural extension Jutland, i.e. Denmark. Finland does have long historical connections to Sweden, having been part of the kingdom even, but cultural "Nordic countries" or geopolitical "Fennoscandia" does not equal the geographic "Scandinavia".

Otherwise, well-spoken Finnish it was.
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Re: Pet peeve: Finland vs. Scandinavia (18 Jun 2009)

Postby Gav on Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:36 pm

Actually, I am well aware that Finland is <i>Nordic</i> but not "Scandinavian."

Nevertheless: ... ourses.htm

Complain to the Scandinavian department of UC Berkeley.
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