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Armor notes

Postby scooby2 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:54 pm

Artwise, that's a pretty accurate picture of a tank. It looks kind of like an Abrams, but I think it's too small. You're just missing the bustle racks, because that's where you put all your gear that doesn't fit inside. The convoy looks ugly and as though the designer was truly demented, which is accurate, but it should also be really cramped and incredibly loud inside. Any space inside should either be filled with radios and gear, and the floor lined with sandbags. And they should all be wearing helmets, with vehicle radios that make it even louder and cords going everywhere, but at least protect them against constantly banging their head against pieces of metal that jut out in all directions for no reason. A command vehicle generally looks like a regular vehicle, only it's larger, but even more cramped because of all the extra radios and junk. The officers are constantly on the radio moving traffic from the other vehicles up to higher and there are computers that are incredibly annoying to use.

Thoughts on the tactical situation:

That convoy isn't going blackout. That makes sense, since they're trying to get there fast. That's a desperate thing to do. But that also means that, even without thermals, that tank should have spotted them quite a ways off. They'd be looking, too, because they would have intercepted enemy radio chatter.

If the tank is alone, it'd be moving very discretely to link up with other forces, not charging across a danger zone (the road) to attack a convoy. If it had to cross a road at night, they'd probably kick out a dismount to check it out, too.

So it's an ambush and they either want to conserve ammo (very badly) or capture the convoy. They wouldn't want to put both their flanks in the enemy's arc of fire. And even if you're in a tank, you don't want someone to ram into you. Still, it'd make sense that they'd do that if they weren't in a good position to intercept. (Splitting the convoy is a classic tactic, btw.)

The truck that ran off the road is driving at night on tight winding roads, probably less than 20 mph. (Clint gets artistic license for the screeching tires...) Rolling almost certainly would happen once he got off the road; it's very easy to roll a vehicle at night on any kind of terrain.

This might be a case where a tank platoon was conducting a patrol, and a recon element saw a lightly defended convoy and decided to split them up. His wingman should be close by and will try to flank the convoy; the assault element If any of that convoy gets away, the Reich will be calling in indirect fire. (Mortars at least, artillery if we're lucky.) There may be a cavalry scout platoon, probably in gun trucks, supporting them by placing dismounts up ahead.

The convoy response is going to be to speed up and hope that tank has no support and is a lousy shot. (It'll take a bit for him to traverse 180 degrees, not to mention turn around and get up to speed...)

If the Reich can stop them either by boxing them in or forcing them to go off road and get stuck, then it depends on who can pin the other's dismounts down with machine gun fire and flank them.
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Re: Armor notes

Postby scooby2 on Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:00 pm

Ah, well, I shouldn't be surprised. You almost never see armor engagements in comics or television...
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Re: Armor notes

Postby macclint on Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:01 am

Sorry to fool you like that. I have had at least one armor engagement though, earlier in the series.
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