Wanted to drop a line

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Wanted to drop a line

Postby Timberwood on Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:22 pm

I'm not dead, I've just been extremely tied up. Work has changed on me, relationships have ended, the world has strangely gained balance, and even stranger I'm changing how I relate to people and trying to step away from my usual cynicism.

I'll admit the last is not easy to step away from, and I'm not certain I'm completely going to. But work is the primary cause for it and I think it could be a better thing for me. The sarcasm however I'm keeping, that is my trademark through and through. ;)

I did finally make it out camping with some friends (had to twist my arm to get me away from work. :roll: )

Also Clint, I re-read your article on the last trip you took to Tom Brown's school, and noted a line that you put in about feeling alone. To be honest it's something that I fought with for a long time, but I came to a couple of realizations that might help:

  • All scouts know that ultimately no matter what one's beliefs when you make the journey to the trackless land, we all get to meet, and we are not alone.
  • Because of the knowledge that we have, and the value of it, and how scarce it is becoming in this world, we're spread apart. Separate from our spiritual tribe. This is so that our way may be presented and spread to others, if not in word, then in thought, deed, and action.
  • All regions have had scouts, some have denigrated their scouts and made them outlaws, others heroes, and still others simply with indifference. This is to be expected when one works in the background but we all know each other on an instinctual level.

I'll hop down off my soap box now, I'm glad that things have worked in your favor. Rarely a day passes that you and yours don't pass through my thoughts with well wishes.

Oh and congrats on the write up in the newspaper. Always hated how they put words in peoples mouths, ah well it's their way.

Understand? Good, play!

As I enter this land
of Angels and Demons
I shall not fear
as the light is my guide
and the darkness is my wrath.

"If you don't like this world, change yourself first! If you don't like that idea, close your eyes and ears and live in solitude! If you don't like that either..."
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Re: Wanted to drop a line

Postby macclint on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:01 am

Thanks for dropping a line! :)

I'm changing how I relate to people and trying to step away from my usual cynicism.

I can only think that this is a good idea. I've found that letting myself concentrate too much on the negative impacts my life negatively. Instant Karma.
Thanks for your thoughts on the Scout way. While I've grown somewhat disillusioned with the T school, I still believe in much of what is taught there.
Clint Hollingsworth

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