this spyware stuff....

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this spyware stuff....

Postby pdxDaniela on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:44 pm

I went to and dowloaded the program.
As I am a bit of an idiot regarding this stuff can you give a lil' bit more info about what happened please?

It is interesting where waones is going now. But maybe you need a small search engine so the ones that do not know all can look things up & be a little bit more up to speed on it. Who knows if you had the info pointing to a specific issue it could even be a good selling tool

BTW creepy uncle, it's a set up right?
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Re: this spyware stuff....

Postby macclint on Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:31 pm

Basically this happened... most of keen is supported by ads, and even though individual sites have taken charge of their own ads, we still have Keen's ad feed at the end of our chain. This means that if none of our individual networks have ads for us, then the keenspot ad feed will feed one in. We don't get money for that, but it supports Keen and makes it so we don't have to go elsewhere for hosting.

Well, some slimy piece of poo doo either hacked the ads server that keen uses or the provider that sent the ads. These ad networks are not great at policing the ads coming through (particulary the networks lower on the food chain) and sometimes we get ads that do things we don't want. Like take over the web browser window, or trying to download malware on Windoze based computers.

if your virus software is reasonably up to date it should have at least warned you. These programs that we recommended should be able to scan and scour your computer.

Lest you think it's just us (though I admit it took our tech admin Kisai, a while to admit the problem) I also had similare warning when I went to ebay.
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