Help stop policeware! (Off-topic)

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Help stop policeware! (Off-topic)

Postby FistBuzzsaw on Sat Dec 28, 2002 5:15 pm

This has nothing to do with webcomics, but it effects every one of you who are reading this right now. In case you haven't heard, certain members of the American government are attempting to pass a bill demanding that all new operating systems include government-approved "policeware". This would prevent ordinary people from downloading so-called "illegal" files, which, by the way, are perfectly harmless. You can face five years in prison and a $500, 000 fine just for downloading an mp3, as well as whatever the government doesn't like. And that's a lot of things.

There is a petition at that Americans can sign to help protect privacy. I can't sign it since I'm not American, but there are thousands of Americans who visit Keenspace. If every American here signs that petition, and then passes it on by word of mouth, the privacy of your average computer user might just be saved.
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Postby Gilmoure on Sun Dec 29, 2002 5:07 am

You posted to a zombie forum with only three people (four if Meyers tunes in from time to time to laugh his ass off at his loser fans). Great way to spread the word. What's wrong with "legs"?
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Postby Major Tom on Tue Dec 31, 2002 6:52 am

in his case, they're attached to an "ass".
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Postby Gilmoure on Wed Jan 01, 2003 4:06 am

Oops. Guess I was wrong on the number of viewers estimate. Looks like over 10 people take a little time out of their lives (that you'll never ever get back) to check in here.

Seriously, has anyone heard anything about Meiers? I emailed Clint Hollingsworth (Wandering Ones strip), who's posted here before but haven't heard anything else from him on what's happened. Mayber Meiers is in a coma, in a hospital, after getting run over by a cliche?
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no, I'm not in a coma...

Postby John Myers on Wed Jan 01, 2003 7:38 pm

Although, compared with what I've been going through the last 6 months, a friggin' coma doesn't really sound all that bad...

Since July (when I posted the last "new" comic), things have been rough on me, at least by my standards. The comic had always found a way to continue during my previous bouts with misfortune, but this time I had to take it off the plate. Ultimately, I will return to some sort of regular updating again, but probably not for a while longer. Sorry...

I'm especially sorry for not offering some sort of explanantion as to my disappearence. Especially considering how long it has gone on now.

I am still drawing, and logging new ideas for future comics, and really, why would I be doing that if I wasn't planning on returning, right?

See you guys soon...
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He's alive!

Postby Gilmoure on Fri Jan 03, 2003 3:48 am

Great to hear from you. Am sorry to hear big problems. Anything we might be able to do to help?
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Hope things are getting better...

Postby anBroc on Sat Apr 26, 2003 1:16 pm

I hope things are getting better for you, Meester Myers...

Your comic always gives me the happies, even on the reruns :)
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we are really contemplatives

Postby Liuodaa965 on Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:11 am

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