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Postby TimVee on Mon Apr 01, 2002 12:37 pm


BRAIN CITY (formerly Seattle), Wa- Exitor the Living Brain announced today that Keenspot Comics will take a new direction in the coming months. This is the first official press release from Exitor since his controversial takeover of the popular internet comic publisher two weeks ago.
"Keenspot Comics must be altered," Exitor said at the press conference "They distract from the prime directive. Your new soon to be required favorites will entertain and educate at the same time."
"DEAR JESUS, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" screamed Human Host #3867543, who was quickly apprehended by the Re-Education Squad of Exitor.
In return for a lifetime of service and bowl maintenece, this reporter got an exclusive look at some of the new Keenspot Comics:

-TRIUMPH OF EXITOR: Exitor's greatest adventures through time and space! Learn how our lord and master became the perfect god he is!
Presented by HH-22233465 (formerly Chris Crosby)

-ENEMIES OF EXITOR: Learn how to fight the treachery or Exitor's greatest enemy, Captain Quasar and the Busty Alien Ninjas! See how Exitor would have gained rightful control of the universe if not for that accursed Quasar! QUUUAASAAAR!!! YOU WILL PAY!
Presented by HH-45326789 (formerly Paul Southworth)

-EXITOR, GOD OF LOVE: In this adult-oriented series, Exitor presents the god of desire he existed as before his body was destroyed by... that... accursed... QUASAR! QUASAR! THE DAMNED SOULS OF HELL WILL NEVER EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE THE PAIN YOU WILL ENDURE AT MY HANDS!
Presented by HH-5567854 (formerly Dave Kelly)

Further title announcements were cut short by a futuristic starship being detected on the radar.
"QUASAR! Noooo! Not now! Not in my moment of triumph! BATTLE STATIONS! THROATS AND EYES, MINIONS... THROATS AND EYES!" cried Exitor, abuptly ending the press breifing.
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Postby El SillY on Mon Apr 01, 2002 2:57 pm

Fat-EXITOR by Mike Leffel?
Cheese can be your special friend.
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