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Postby Jesoes on Thu Mar 14, 2002 2:36 am

I like the fact that no matter what else, this comic is updated on time, so when I get to work in the morning, I can sit down and read and enjoy myself before the torture begins.

Sure you took an hiatus last year...but hey, everyone does it...I can only remember that one time, in the past two or so years that I've been reading this comic that that's happened...

By the I the only one freake dout by the new message boards ?
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Postby Hans P. IceBat on Thu Mar 14, 2002 7:04 am

Yes, the new board *IS* freaky, but if it *WORKS* now, that would be a good thing. It truly sucked before. Seems faster to me already.
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Postby kozmo on Thu Mar 14, 2002 7:10 am

It does seem faster. However I do have one complaint. On the old board, it seemed easier to see when the most recent post was for a given topic and the posts were sorted that way. Not so anymore.
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Postby El SillY on Thu Mar 14, 2002 8:12 am

Sooner or later the posts will be correctly sorted... When we post enough to get past the current mess :razz:

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Postby John Myers on Thu Mar 14, 2002 9:01 am

Jesoes, thanks for the comment. The haitus last year was unplanned, and hopefully nothing like that will happen again. I really do try to always have something "new" up everyday without excuse, so I am glad you have noticed my efforts. It really irks me when I see other "daily" comic creators continually miss their updates, and then offer up a list of excuses as to why it happened. I say, if you can't meet the schedule you set up (keep in mind that it's the creator who decides the update frequency), then change the schedule to something you can handle, but whatever you do, stick to a schedule. That way, we all know when to look for new comics. In case you can't tell, I actually have an opinion on this subject, but I'll stop now before I get myself in trouble with anyone...

Back to the original subject.. I think the new boards are better, and definitely faster. But you know what I really like? I like the fact that I can see how many "views" a thread is getting. Since we can count the posts, it let's me know how many lurkers there are out there. Damn silent lurkers...
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Postby Major Tom on Thu Mar 14, 2002 10:55 am


We're watching you, Myers. :grin:
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Postby Tzunami on Thu Mar 14, 2002 1:41 pm

hehehe... lurkers... no... there's no lurkers here.

*various lurkers nodding in agreement*

they are just in you head John... yesssssssss...

*mad laughter echoing throughout the boards* :lol:
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