ralph lauren 1993 miata air bag code 10

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ralph lauren 1993 miata air bag code 10

Postby li2x4k0q on Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:48 pm

1993 miata air bag code 10,polo ralph lauren
I will try to explain the best I can,burberry outlet online.
The diagnostic control unit has failed,ralph lauren outlet, you can bay a new one or you can try to fix it. Take the part and open carefully, when you have open remove the board flip over and you are going to see all the components,bottega veneta, one of them close to the connectors side hold up be tow stands and roll inside kind a light brow paper.
That part is call a thermistor,louboutin derpcounterfeits, take a voltmeter and set for check ohms (resistance or continuity),valentino outlet, them go a head to check if its open,chi flat iron, if you find a low ohms take a cuter and cut one of the legs and check again, if do not have continuity,insanity workout dvd, viola,prada outlet, this is your problem. All you have to do is cut the other leg and unroll carefully from the paper. Bay this component in FRY'S or other store, here is the part number in fry's NTE8139 THERMAL FUSE 141 DEGREE CELSIUS. Take the new part and roll inside the paper like old component. Weld the new one , and assemble carefully the box and install in the car and enjoy your light off for lest than one dollar.
rebuildrex wrote at 2008 12 26 16:37:40
99% of the time it is the air bag module,true religion jeans, sensor almost never fail, no matter what the flashes are. I had 5 used modules all flashed different codes in the sdame car. Bought a new cure it.

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