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Postby Heatherface. on Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:52 am

I think you need to be in order to have a webcomic like LWIBH, a sane boring person can't come up with that stuff.

I'm not into baseball cards, so you can keep it, it's not like the name rings a bell to me. I collect dumber things. Like socks, I have a major sock obsession right now, actually waiting on my latest order which'll hopfully come tom...er, later today. In terms of collectable stuff, I have some Barbies I managed to not rip open as soon as I got them home, a 15th anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show poster I got as a gift before I even knew what the movie was, and Planet of the Apes comics, I think the whole series. That's it, I'm not much of a collector considering I enjoy playing with my toys, so any value they have disappears.
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