Queens is on fire...

Canadian teenagers jus' kickin' it 24/7.

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Postby gwalla on Mon Nov 12, 2001 3:27 am

Apparently is was an accident, not a terrorist attack.<P>------------------
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Postby Sterling on Mon Nov 12, 2001 6:48 am

I think he's talking about the CNN coverage.
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Postby Carn_Carby on Mon Nov 12, 2001 7:55 am

*hugs TheMike* =(
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Postby TheMike on Mon Nov 12, 2001 10:04 am

Someone make it stop... fuck..<P>-Mike
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Postby Jen Aside on Mon Nov 12, 2001 11:39 am

..............................okay, that's interesting.<P>My friend Zack is in Queens, but he apparently didn't think it important enough to tell me about the fire. (Then again, his car was "stolen," and he didn't think it important enough to tell me about THAT, either.)
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