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Postby Willowbear on Mon Nov 05, 2001 5:51 am

I'd love to see Phoebe and Ceildih get into a huge scrap. It would be quite humerous, and the thing they set them off was so stupid, that a fight over it could be worth while.
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Postby Keiichi Gotoh on Mon Nov 05, 2001 9:34 am

It'd be interesting, but we all know Ceilidh would win, because she's the pseaudo-anime, semi-stick weilding chick with image and self esteem problems, which garauntees her victory over anything bigger and tougher than a hamster, or similarly cute thing (kawaii, if you're so inclined).<P>Thus is the rules of anime, right? <P>ALthough, I suppose since Avalon is only 'semi-anime', those rules might only somewhat apply. Seriously, in a drop down, knock out fight to the finish from a solely impartial standpoint, it'd be fairly close. Ceilidh has an older brother, but Phoebe has had two sisters for practice. Phoebe has punched out a few people, or at least scared them off, but then the Scottish Dervish was able to jar Nancy Kawasaki when riled. Points to that corner.<P>I think it all comes down to what the characters get their hands on. If Ceilidh can get her hands on a stick, Phoebe is pretty much finished. On the other hand, if it goes hand to hand, Ceilidh will be using that lab coat to collect her teeth.<P>Am I wrong?<P>------------------
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