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Postby K A H on Sun Nov 04, 2001 4:43 am

Writing the nine pieces that comprise the "Souvenirs d'Avalon" suite took more than two and a half months.<P>Recording the nine pieces that comprise the "Souvenirs d'Avalon" suite has taken three days.<P>One step remains: to get the recordings on the web where people can listen to them.<P>All told, the suite is 41'47" long - I can now tell people that my recording of the finale is 11'42" long, although it is perhaps taken a bit fast in places. This is because I was running very low on time due to a careless technical error making the first recording of the piece unlistenable. After much hair-pulling and wall-pounding, I finally managed to make a presentable (if not flawless) recording of the ninth and final piece in the suite.<P>Anh Minh and Darth Paradox, thanks for your offers of webspace; could one or both of you e-mail me so we can arrange a way for me to send you the files and thus enable you to put them on the web? (I could send it to both of you just to be sure.... <IMG SRC="">) My address is in my profile. The recordings total 16.7MB, so 20MB will be more than enough.<P>Writing, finished. Recording, finished. The unleashing of "Souvenirs d'Avalon" on the public isn't far away.... <IMG SRC=""><P>K.A.H.
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Postby Wildmartin on Sun Nov 04, 2001 4:45 am

Way to go K.A.H! I'm really looking forward to hearing this after all the hard work you've put into it. <IMG SRC="">
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Postby Sterling on Sun Nov 04, 2001 6:31 am

Have you looked into I know the guy who does the fanmusic for Megatokyo is hosted there, but that's about it. I'd heard they had a good contract a year and a half or so ago, but now I'm not sure. And I'm not sure what additional restrictions they slap on.<P>------------------
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Postby Addiction King on Mon Nov 05, 2001 5:49 am

The guy your referring to is Kim Justice, and he's recently left due to new restrictions and is currently at<P>-AK
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