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Postby BAZERKER on Wed Aug 22, 2001 12:15 am

i dunno joe, i can see what he is talking about he is talking about pheoby, how he lost her friendship and caring before. i dont know if joe still wants to persue this relationship with Ceilidh but i can see he does not want to lose what they do have, while i personally would love to see Ceilidh and Joe together, i would rather they didint if it meant they ended up hating eachother.
Joe is obviosly a good guy, but i dont know about what he is talking about what he is doing now could very well end up ruining what they have i just pray it doesint.... hopefully they continue to "go steady" and maybe their relationship will grow. i just hope it doesint shrink.
i guess all i can say is that i sure as hell will be clicking the reload button (f5) contantly come tomarows update time
and i pray this comes out good
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