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Postby steveha on Wed Aug 22, 2001 12:07 am

In the first panel, look at the total horror on Ceilidh's face. She looks like the world is about to fall on her.<P>And then Joe reacts to her horror. Until now, he has been in an excited "I understand now!" mood, talking quickly, but he just came crashing back down. look up "total panic" in the dictionary, and the second panel will be there as an illustration. (Well, it should be, anyway.)<P>In the third panel, what does Joe's facial expression mean? One poster on the boards thought he is thinking "oops, shouldn't have mentioned Helene". But it looks to me like he was just hit with another epiphany: stringing along Ceilidh would be like Alan stringing along Helene, i.e. it would be wrong. (And that train of thought leads inevitably to him breaking up with Ceilidh, thus the chapter title "An Abrupt End".)<P>The last panel, Joe's face shows intensity. And Ceilidh's face shows that she is paying close attention to what he is saying (which is better than ignoring him and wallowing the bleak despair, for instance).<P>Josh, great job on the faces and especially the eyes. When you first started out, I doubt you could have put so much communication into the faces; and I think there are few other web comics artists who could do it as well as you.
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Postby BAZERKER on Wed Aug 22, 2001 12:17 am

hrm very good point on how the alan stringing along helene part but it could also be the fact that joe has feelings for helene too. most likely a partial combo of the two
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