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Postby MizuGoddess on Wed Aug 22, 2001 11:02 am

Oh my goodness, josh! look at today's strip! LOOK AT IT!<P>then click the first week button.<P>LOOK AT IT AGAIN!<P>today's strip COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY makes up for yesterday's dissapointment (which wasnt much, i was just expecting too much)
and LOOK! LOOK AT JOE'S EXTREMELY SEXY HAIR IN PANEL THREE! LOOK AT IT! LOOK!<P>look at it! <P>okay, enough of that....
*Mizu gets out the fans
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Postby cloudhibiki on Wed Aug 22, 2001 11:08 am

I think what my sexy ferret girlfriend is trying to say is that Josh's art since Avalon started has been utterly and completely changed for the better. As she said earlier, Joe looks nothing like he does now, let alone Ceilidh, and it's a Good Thing.<P>I'd like to add that if nothing else, Josh is the King of Facial Expressions... Ceilidh in 2:213.1 absolutely frightened me, since i've <i>seen</i> that look before and it's not anything fun to deal with on either end; Joe in 2:213.3 is just plain amazing, and you can <i>tell</i> he never wanted to mention Helene, and doing so hit sore points for both himself remembering how he feels about her, and Ceilidh for being compared to her. Wacky stuff, and the faces prove all.<P>And yeah, that's some sexy hair action going on. w00t! yeah!<P>CH<P>------------------
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