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Postby poodlepyro on Tue Aug 21, 2001 6:39 am

what does everyone think about the <b> 'mmf' </b> from Ceilidh in tuesdays comic, panel 1?<P>is she trying to say something?
could it mean Joe's theory completly wrong?<P>what's everyone's take on her mmf?<P>*proven through the recent serious analyzation that surrounded the 'whimper', could the 'mmf' have even further-reaching meanings? Next Time, on the avalon forum...*
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Postby IAMCANADIAN on Tue Aug 21, 2001 7:45 am

well, since she said "mmf" before Joe even started talking, I'm guessing its not because Joe is completely wrong. She just obviously wasnt done saying what she had to say when Joe interrupted her. Therefore, Joe may be missing some VERY important piece of information, which might explain Ceilidh's "whimper" in the last panel
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