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Postby LtPowers on Mon Aug 20, 2001 2:05 am

Who is Ceilidh?<P>Yeah, so this is my first post here. Get the poking out of your systems, then please, listen to what I have to say.<P>I can't remember when I started reading Avalon, but I think it was sometime last summer or early fall. Until now, I just read it -- the characters are interesting and the jokes funny. And the situations are compelling. I never posted here -- never much reason to -- although I have read a thread or two now and then.<P>I've even read the 200th Strip Gala.<P>Despite recognizing the inherent attractiveness (not in the physical/romantic sense) of the characters, the reaction here on the boards (and in much of the fan art) to them I'd always found a bit odd. Sure, the Girls of Avalon (so to speak) are attractive, but the near-constant (at least to an outsider's point of view) sexual fantasies and references and pictures struck a wrong chord with me. And yes, that includes Josh's Deidre pinup.<P>See, the characters in Avalon are so compelling because they seem so real. Josh clearly has a talent for creating believable, consistent characters whom we want to like. They seem so real, in fact, that it's disturbing -- to me at least -- to see them portrayed in a way inconsistent with their personalities. And thus my reaction to the 200th Strip Gala and the like. You could almost convince me that Deidre had modeled nude at University for an art class or something, but Ceilidh? Phoebe? Alison? It's just wrong -- these girls are too real to deserve such objectification. It cheapens them.<P>Now, I hope I haven't turned anyone off. I just wanted to establish that I care about these characters, dammit. The fact that I do puzzles me a bit. I mean, they're just drawings, right? These people don't really exist, except in Josh's and our minds.<P>Before we get to Ceilidh, I want to give some brief thoughts on other characters so you know where I'm coming from.<P>Deidre. An enigma, so far. She's mature enough now (she's what, 22 or so?) that she actually seems to know what she wants in a relationship. Thus why Ryan is so attracted to her -- guys like Ryan, being somewhat more mature (in certain respects) that their peers, need someone like Deidre, someone who's not blinded by the social structures in high school. I'm not saying she's totally mature, but she is moreso than Ryan's friends, and thus provides an interesting contrast.<P>Ryan. Speaking of Ryan... is he more than just the sterotypical geek? Well, he does wear glasses, and grok computers, and have trouble with the ladies, and possess an great insight into other people's relationships. So given that, I'd say, yes, he's sterotypical, but in a much more complete way than popular media normally depicts geeks. If his relationship with Deidre doesn't work out, he'll at least be better off for it. Amongst Avaloners, probably only Alison would be mature enough now to make a decent relationship with him, but once he gets to University -- look out. He'll be in his element and probably soon find a steady, long-lasting relationship. Or will he and Deidre last? Hard to say. Are they simply attracted to each other's maturity (something both are unused to seeing), or do they have more in common than that? We don't yet know.<P>Alison. Speaking of Alison... =) Another enigma. Probably the character I find the most attractive, all things considered. Like Ryan and Deidre, she's more mature than her peers -- mature enough to recognize her own shortcomings (although it took some time). She strikes me as intelligent and a bit of a loner. She feels misunderstood, and the various relationships going on around her don't help her feel any better. She needs someone like Ryan (perhaps even more than Deidre does), someone who will try to understand her and improve her self-esteem in the process. A relationship with Iain, which seemed to be foreshadowed for a bit, would be a disaster.<P>Iain. What a smarmy git. The only character in the strip who's even remotely unlikeable. The only reason I mention him is because Ceilidh's reaction to him is somewhat telling (I'll discuss that later).<P>Phoebe. Poor girl. We still don't know quite what is wrong with her. She's clearly depressed -- perhaps severely -- about something. Or many things. She deserves better. I'm not sure Deidre was right that she's not good enough for Ryan, but she probably is too needy emotionally for him. Phoebe could be a *great* friend (to just about any of the characters), except she won't let anyone get close to her. Does she have feelings for Joe? Possibly yes -- if she didn't they probably wouldn't have had that final discussion at his locker. But if so, then why didn't she let him know? She's clearly very confused, and I daresay borderline clinically depressed. A visit to a shrink wouldn't hurt. She needs to have a good last year of HS, or else she might never be happy.<P>Joe. Monday's strip seems out of character for him, but Ceilidh forced his hand. He likes Ceilidh -- maybe even loves her -- but doesn't really want to be weighed down by a relationship at this point. He's a fun-loving guy who just wants to hang out with his friends. He figures there's plenty of time for relationships later in life. Yet Ceilidh manages to change all that. While he seems to still realize that he doesn't need the trouble of a girlfriend, he just can't bring himself to turn Ceilidh down. OK, frankly, who could? His own feelings for her and his desire not to hurt her are why he said 'Yes' on Thursday. A recipe for disaster?<P>Joe (continued). But what about Phoebe and Helene? Helene likely doesn't mean much to him anymore, except as a friend. But Phoebe is different. I think he just doesn't know what to think of her anymore. He longs for the friendship they had before (a wonderful thing, indeed), but Phoebe has changed so much that he feels lost. He probably doesn't even really want a relationship with her anymore -- he just wants the friendship back. His friendship with Ceilidh has helped some, but now it's the opposite problem than he had with Phoebe. Poor Joe -- he just wants some good friends, but they seem to go to one extreme or the other.<P>And that brings us to Ceilidh. While (as I said above) I find Alison to be probably the most attractive of the characters, Ceilidh has her beat in several aspects and is a close second. The problem is that she's immature. Yeah, she's got the body of a 17-year-old, but emotionally, she's not quite there yet. Likely her social isolation before coming to Avalon is the cause.<P>I'm having a bit of trouble getting a grasp on her, though. Her behavior in the last few strips throws a new light on things, and the next few will continue to do so; it will take a bit to determine what this whole incident shows about her. She's clearly not shy (reference the summer trip with Phoebe in addition to the obvious). She's fairly confident except when it comes to herself. If it's about Phoebe or Joe or anyone else, she seems in control and decisive -- but start her thinking about herself and she becomes fragile, perhaps even scared.<P>Ceilidh's brief crush on Iain was perplexing. Maybe it was just the accent. More likely she was just turned on by his flirting and didn't know quite how to handle it. Her emotions ran away with the feeling and she just got carried away (which is consistent with what is happening in her bedroom now, see below). Typical high school crush, really. =)<P>But in getting over Iain, she discovered that her feelings for Joe ran much deeper. Why, I can't figure, but sometimes two personalities attract inexplicably. For the record, I've been against the relationship from the start -- they never seemed quite right for each other. I still maintain that the relationship won't survive the transition to University life, but if it lasts that long, it will be valuable experience for both of them. And fun, too, if Joe will let it (and I'm NOT talking about sex).<P>But what's she doing now? She's telling the truth. She's not hiding anything from Joe. She's never been shy about showing her affection for him, and now she's laying it on the table. She truly does feel afraid of being alone, I think -- something many of us can identify with. And since 1) she loves Joe and 2) she doesn't want to be alone, the conclusion is obvious. The only thing that would hold her back from asking him out would be fear of rejection or shyness -- she got over the first and has never been accused of suffering from the second.<P>So all right. Joe says yes, and Ceilidh breathes a sigh of relief. It's over, she's asked the question, he said yes, and now she won't have to worry about being alone. Likely even the sudden downpour can't dampen her spirits, although it does distract her from thinking about the new relationship.<P>So they get upstairs. The big question here is -- when did Ceilidh decide it would be okay to change in front of Joe? Before they went to Tim Horton's? Before she even asked him to Tim Horton's? Or right on the spot? We may never know, but it would provide valuable insight into her character.<P>Regardless, though, she did it. Even though she's not shy and cares a lot for Joe, the courage it must have taken for her just to remove the dress with him in the room must have been immense. But why did she do it? I don't think she did it to be manipulative. Something like, "Well, I need to change, he's my boyfriend now, I'll just do it real quick with my back turned and that's that."<P>However, if she did intend it to be manipulative, I still think she intended to just change her bra with her back turned the whole time. I don't think she planned on letting him see any more than he did in Friday's strip.<P>Either way -- manipulation or not -- when she took off her bra and then heard Joe's reaction, her thoughts turned immediately from "wet clothes" to "relationship". Seeing her face at that moment would have been very revealing (pan left, someone cried. Pan UP, I say! More on that later). She put the bra down as Joe started to speak. The feeling of being nearly naked in the presence of someone she loved was too much. Knowing that he was looking at her in that state was probably very arousing for her, so she couldn't hold her feelings in any longer.<P>She stayed with her back turned for a moment as she spoke. She probably just backed up to the bed and sat down, but as she started pouring her heart out, she turned to look at him, forgetting yet not forgetting about her bare chest. She wasn't thinking about as a distraction to him or as something she shouldn't do; her only recognition of it was as a catalyst for the erotic, sexual feelings she had. She was too busy talking to consciously think about it, but the feeling of being nearly nude so close to Joe was driving her thoughts the whole time.<P>The anticipation of the kiss -- her first kiss, and, she now knew, his too -- was the only thing on her mind as she drew closer -- not her breasts. And then, to be stopped like that by Joe...<P>My prediction: Joe's reaction will stop her in her tracks. The moment lost, she'll shut up (as her mouth was practically on autopilot anyway) and immediately realize she's going too fast. She'll come crashing back to reality and probably move quickly to put some clothes on. The other possibility is she'll be uncomfortable/embarrassed at first but forget about it as Joe starts talking and she starts listening.<P>Ceilidh is not a sexpot. She's a bit manipulative -- when it comes to other people -- but not so manipulative that she'd consciously use her nudity against Joe. At least not by her point of view. She's not thinking "if I show him some boobs, he won't leave me!" although she may be thinking "showing him some boobs will show him how much I care about him." There's a big difference. I think she cares too much about him to manipulate him like that.<P>Here's what happened in a nutshell, as near as I can tell -- Ceilidh's feelings for Joe finally come to a head and she presses the issue. Then, high on the feeling of finally having a boyfriend and of a wet sundress clinging to her skin, she gets a little daring and undresses discretely in front of Joe. But when she realizes he's looking at her, feelings she's never had to deal with before come rushing in; hormones take over as she gets suddenly aroused by the situation, and she forgets her inhibitions. She loses control, basically -- which is understandable. Without emotional maturity gained through experience, she's vulnerable to acting on sexual impulses without thinking.<P>There's been some discussion about whether Ceilidh is strong and confident or weak and fragile. The truth is both. She is confident and outgoing and gregarious when it comes to other people's relationships and feelings. She gained that new confidence when she came to Avalon. But when it's her feelings on the line -- she's as fragile as most teenagers are. Well, perhaps fragile isn't the best word, because she's also resilient. She fears getting her heart broken, but if it were to happen, I think she'd bounce back relatively easily (although she doesn't realize it). Phoebe, by contrast, is NOT resilient.<P>Where am I going with all this?<P>The strip on Friday (insert joke here) stirred an unusual feeling in me. While there were calls here on the forums to "PAN LEFT!" I feel that the final panel is perfect the way it is (although being able to see Ceilidh's face would have been interesting, as mentioned above). It is, in short, probably the single most erotic shot I've ever seen in a comic, and possibly anywhere, including photographs. Part of that comes from what is not seen. The curve of Ceilidh's hip and the cut of her briefs, along with her bare shoulder (I'm a sucker for shoulders) and the roundness of her breast were just the right elements to produce an incredibly sexy image.<P>In fact, even Monday's panel two, where we see about as much nudity as we're likely to ever see in Avalon, doesn't hold a candle to Friday's panel four, as far as I'm concerned.<P>But this disturbs me a bit. I mean, Ceilidh's not real! She's just a drawing! Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that drawings can be very attractive indeed (I was always a sucker for Gadget Hackwrench, and that has nothing to do with her being a mouse). But now I feel a bit hypocritical for condemning things like the 200th Strip Gala. Of course, Ceilidh's position is completely in-character here, simply by definition. =)<P>But the larger issue is, what can I do? Seeing just that small amount of nudity (and hint of more) on Ceilidh made me long for her. I admit it. Hell, I have a girlfriend myself, it's nothing I haven't seen before. But man -- Ceilidh... the feeling surprised me with its intensity. Part of it is that I feel like I know her, and she seems so real. If the emotional attachment, built up over the course of many many strips, wasn't there, the sexual attraction would not be either. Ceilidh is so real, though, that it's easy to forget she's just a drawing when one sees her body like that.<P>Dammit, Josh is that good.<P>Seeing Ceilidh also takes me back to high school, where I was more like Ryan than anyone else (minus the Deidre part, of course). I didn't have a girlfriend -- nor, for that matter, much (emotionally) intimate contact with females -- until college. And lately -- and particularly after seeing Friday's strip -- I've been feeling intense regret over what never happened in high school. Missed opportunities and all that. Might I have had my own Ceilidh? Not to say I don't love my girlfriend (I do!), but there's still the thought of what might have been...<P>The only comfort I can take is that I know deep down that even if Ceilidh were real, she would be all wrong for me. The age difference (6, maybe 7 years) is not a problem, but she's just not quite the right personality for me. (Although despite that, there's this nagging feeling that I could be good for her.) And eventually, the feeling of unrequited ... whatever ('lust' is too harsh; 'love' is not accurate)... will pass... but for now, it's painful.<P>Yet as painful as it is, I can't stop looking.<P>My hat is off to someone who can evoke such feelings with a simple comic strip. Friday's panel would not work the way it does if it was just a one-shot thing -- if we didn't know who Ceilidh and Joe were. It would be "ooh, look, skin, yawn, what's next." It only works (oh, does it work) because they are real to us, and that is a testament to the skill of the writer.<P>Of course, we wouldn't be having this discussion were it not for the skill of the artist...<P>If I were to ever meet Josh Phillips, I don't know if I'd hug him or deck him.<P>
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Postby IAMCANADIAN on Mon Aug 20, 2001 2:40 am

Ok, well, that was long. I'm not quite done reading it yet but I'm gonna respond to the first part (before Ceilidh) before I forget what I was gonna say.<P>I couldnt agree more about Alison, she has got to be my favorite Avalon character, well her and Joe, but as far as the girls are concerned, Alison all the way. Though I really do like them all. <P>Ok, about Ryan and Deirdre, I think you've got it about right except that you forgot to mention one thing. Deirdre is attracted also to Ryan's sensitive and caring nature.<P>Joe is looking for a relationship right now. That's what I think anyways, but I'm pretty sure he is still after Helene, and probably not so much Phoebe anymore. But Joe neglects to mention that he needs Ceilidh as a friend more than as a girlfriend, not that he doesnt love her. What they have is not material for that type of relationship. Joe sees it, but Ceilidh doesnt.<P>So uh, thats about all I have to say about that. No wait, I forgot something and I cant think of what the hell it was dammit!!! I hate when that happens.
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Postby Jtbrack on Mon Aug 20, 2001 2:46 am

I've read books shorter than that, phew...
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Postby Guest on Mon Aug 20, 2001 3:47 am

Okay, here goes:<P>*poke*
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Postby Dent on Mon Aug 20, 2001 4:26 am

Welcome to the from, and Bravo! on a beautiful character analysis of the cast. Now that you mention it, I really do wonder what Ceilidh's expression was in the last panel of Friday's strip. Perhaps Josh omitted it for a reason? And I also agree that "panning left" would have been the wrong tactic -- this way, we get the impression that Joe's not seeing anything, either, which helps us identify with him.<P>I don't quite agree with your interpretation of Ceilidh, but for the most part, that's how I see it, and I'm sure that when she crashes down in a few strips, it would be permanent. She is indeed resilient. And speaking of which:<P>/*Phoebe, by contrast, is NOT resilient.*/<P>That's a very interesting comment that I'm going to have to ponder. I think you just realigned my opinion of that character...<P>Anyway, congratulations on a terrific piece of work, and thanks for sharing.<P>p.s.<P>/*If I were to ever meet Josh Phillips, I don't know if I'd hug him or deck him.*/<P>Join the club.
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Postby nzero on Mon Aug 20, 2001 4:54 am

an excellent character analysis, LtPowers.<P>as for the last panel on Friday, it's just perfect the way it is. my guess for her expression in that panel: blank, not blank blank but y'know that kinda sad thoughtful sort of blank, staring at nothing in particular, slightly to her left and down a bit. and on today's (monday) strip, first panel, speaking in a quiet, flat tone, almost a whisper (same expression as Friday's last panel).<P>
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Postby Josh Phillips on Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:42 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LtPowers:
<B>Of course, we wouldn't be having this discussion were it not for the skill of the artist...</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Thank you very much... your analysis was really quite inspiring.<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><B>If I were to ever meet Josh Phillips, I don't know if I'd hug him or deck him.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Um... *don't* go to CN Anime.<P>JOSH.<P>------------------
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Postby Wildmartin on Mon Aug 20, 2001 5:59 am

I'll get this out of the way first <B>*poke*</B>. That was a very lucent, well thought out and detailed series of thoughts on the characters and their personalities. You gave us all a lot to think about and while I may not agree with everything you proposed...everything you wrote is entirely possible and your reasoning was impeccably logical and extremely intuitive. I do believe that Ceilidh's behavior has cast her in a new light, showing us a totally different side of her (and no, that is NOT meant to be funny). Given her background, of which I'd like more details (Josh? Can you say "Prequel Miniseries!"), I really wasn't that suprised at her behavior. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect her to undress in front of Joe like that, but I was suspicious when nobody else was home and she invited him upstairs. I just assumed she would want to "make out" with her first real boyfriend. I still can't imagine why someone as kind and giving as Ceilidh could have never had anyone at all that she considered to be a real friend. I understand loneliness and I'm still looking to find someone who's right for me. But despite not being "Mr. Popular" in High School I had at least a few close friends I could depend on and was on good terms with almost everyone else. Maybe I just went to an unusual school, but people didn't shun you just because you weren't in their group. I'm rather conservative and not that outgoing socially, but I had friends. I just want to know what happened to Ceilidh to make her feel like this? Does anyone know? I know Josh knows, but he probably won't tell me. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/smile.gif"> Oh well, I guess I got off on quite a little tangent there, didn't I? That long post of LtPowers' put me in a sentimental writing mood. Don't worry, I'm done now. You won't hear from me again until at least tommorrow. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/wink.gif"> Especially seeing how I have like 3 hours of homework and 12 hours of reading to get done be Wednesday.<p>[This message has been edited by Wildmartin (edited 08-20-2001).]
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Postby Wyvern on Tue Aug 21, 2001 2:21 am

Great post, LtPowers! Your character analysis, for the most part, was right on the money IMO. A few caveats, though:<P>Personally, I don't find Iain the most unlikeable character. I think he's a typical shallow guy, but he doesn't mean any harm. (Note: I don't mean that guys are typically shallow -- I'm one myself, and I like to think that I'm anything but shallow -- I mean that, as shallow guys go, he's a typical one.)<P>OTOH, I find Phoebe very unlikeable. I have a great deal of pity for her, and I definitely want to see her get help, but I think that she brought most of her problems on herself, in large measure, by keeping everybody at arm's length. Until she learns to trust and open up to other people, nobody will be *able* to help her.<P>As for Joe, I don't think that he "just wants to hang out with his friends." I see him as a very sensitive guy who desperately wants to be in a meaningful relationship, but at the same time he's afraid to because he's been badly burned in the past (with both Phoebe and Helene). Not to mention the fact that Ceilidh's coming on so strong is scaring him off. I think he genuinely *does* want a relationship with her, but needs to go into it slowly and with a clear head (which is a good idea in *any* relationship).<P>As for which of the Avalon Girls I find most "attractive", I'd say Deirdre, no contest. I think there are two main reasons for this: first, I'm partial to redheads <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/wink.gif">, and second, I relate to Ryan far more than anyone else, so I'm rooting for him. If any character in Avalon could make a relationship with an "older woman" work, it's him. Plus I think their relationship is the most *interesting* of all the ones we've seen.
Ironically, if Deirdre were real she'd be all wrong for me as a girlfriend -- though I think I could still form a great friendship with her.<P><I>And eventually, the feeling of unrequited ... whatever ('lust' is too harsh; 'love' is not accurate)...</I><P>Is "affection" the word you're looking for, perhaps?<P>Wyvern<P>------------------
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Postby K A H on Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:32 am

I used to think my posts to this forum were overlong, but my ten or eleven longest posts put together are probably still shorter than that and contain maybe one hundredth of the insight.<P>Very good analyses of the characters, and a lot of points well made. I agree with your assessment of the second panel of Monday's strip; I saw it not as, ahm, sexual, but rather as making Ceilidh look all the more vulnerable. Her facial expressions in most of the strips in the past two weeks have been extremely effective in communicating her fragile, vulnerable state of mind, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who draws a parallel between the physical exposure and the emotional exposure at the moment. With just a few curves and dots, Our Good Cartoonist has drawn eyes that are very nearly as effective at conveying emotion as their 3-D counterparts, and, as has been pointed out, hint at the tone of voice.<P>It is for that reason that I was stunned by the artistry of Monday's strip. I can only dream of conveying such emotion so easily in an artistic medium (literature, art, or music).<P>The most recent storylines - Phoebe's farewell, Alison's dilemma, and Ceilidh's vulnerability in the face of Joe's doubts - have sucked me into "Avalon" as never before (although I enjoy going back through the archives and reading the accounts of what happened in Grade 9 as well as the New Year's Eve 2000 story and last summer's story that revealed Joe's crush on Hel
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Postby Lochlainn10 on Tue Aug 21, 2001 7:49 am

Bravo, LtPowers. I think your first post here was much longer than mine over at CRFH... and I talk a lot.<P>Welcome to the world of PSL--Perverse Sexual Lust. It affects all of us regular boardies in one way or another. PSL, as far as I can figure, comes from the "girl with the staple in her navel" syndrome.<P>These characters, along with pinups, centerfolds, and soap opera characters, are reduced to their essences. All of the nonessentials are glossed away. They're reduced to what amounts to fairly hollow characterizations and stereotypes.<P>And that is what makes us connect with them so well. Everything they do advances our knowledge of their emotions and motives. It's easier to do here than in real life, where our motives are a whole lot more devoted to simply living.<P>The fact that we identify with drawn characters, that they tap our memories and bounce in our heads asking us "what if?" is the hallmark of talented character writing. Bravo, Josh, as well.<P>Ok, I'll add my thoughts as well:<P>I don't like Phoebe at all. Since very nearly the beginning of the series she has been a downer, and won't get over it. She refers to trouble at home that DD and Noelle have come through. She needs a large amount of readjustment.<P>Iain: He's a twit, unlikable, but provides a useful foil against which to set the likes of Alisin.<P>Joe: Joe is DA MAN. He's a good guy, and sticks to his guns.<P>Deirdre is my favorite girl. She and Ryan have a good relationship despite the differences they have. They're good for each other.<P>Ceilidh is more normal than she thinks. She's just not able to see it. She's a typical teenager, whose problems exist for her and her alone, despite the fact that everybody else has them too.<P>Helene bugs me. Every person I've ever seen that is that so #^&*%*#@ cheerful all the time has a brain cavity stuffed with cotton candy. She has no concept of the real world. A dose of cynicism would be a great boon for her. Mindfully happy rather than mindlessly happy, as it were.<P>Alisin: I love her. But I don't get her. She hasn't got much in the way of relationship motivations. I can't wait to see what comes of her self-searching via Iain. I suspect that she's harboring a deeper desire to let go and get wild that she resents him for being able to do.<P>All speculations are 2 for 1 this week only. Speculat-o-matic (c)(tm)(pat pend) 2001.<P>------------------
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