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Postby Symok on Sat Jul 14, 2001 9:06 am

Hehe<P><A HREF="http://www.itswalky.com" TARGET=_blank>Walky</A> and Alison. Now *THERES* something that would be... 'interesting'... <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/smile.gif"><P>WiiGii!<P>Edit/Add (at Ian's suggestion):<P><font size =7>Walky you fool!</font><P>------------------
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Postby Fool on Sun Jul 15, 2001 2:48 am

<font size=7><B>NO!</B></font>
<h1>No, no, no, no, no!<P><I>ME</I> Fool!</h1><P><font size=7><I><B>ME</B></I>!</font>
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Postby bitter damonk on Sun Jul 15, 2001 8:39 am

heh.<P>i think that walky's got enough problems right now as it is...<P>------------------
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Postby Guest on Mon Jul 16, 2001 7:47 am

Ya know, I never really liked beer. Fireball whiskey is a hell of a lot better, imho.<P>On another note, Allison is hawt, and I'd love to be her significant other. And not just hot, really smart too!
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