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Postby Guest on Fri Jul 13, 2001 1:21 am

He wandered into town, a few days after the end of the school year. It was evening, when his car parked in front of the cafe. He got out, and paced slowly inside. Sat himself down, noticed the attractive young woman working behind the counter. He wondered if she had intelligence to go with her looks, seeing how in his arrogant opinion, most didn't. She thought to herself, who is this person? And what the hell is he doing?<P>He asked, "do you sell tea?"<P>She replied to the affirmative. He handed over some money, and sat. "You look like someone who goes to school here. Do you know Ryan Aberdeen? He's a friend of mine, I'm coming up to visit him."<P>"Yes, I know him. Who are you, though? How do you know him?"<P>"We're programmers. Has he ever mentioned a guy named Chris?" She shook her head no. "No? Oh. I'm from Oshawa. What's your name?"<P>-----<P>And so another attempt at a story begins. I, the one and only coldacid, visit Avalon one summer, to partake in two weeks of hitting on Allison (after being smitten by her cynicism and intelligence).
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Postby Guest on Mon Jul 16, 2001 1:50 am

That night, after she had finished working, Alison brooded upon the recent past. Iain's party stood foremost in her mind. <I>Why did I act like such an idiot?</I> she asked herself.<P>She thought that she might decide to scorn all malekind like Phoebe, and recoiled. She knew that Iain was really a good person, that the womanizing was a mere act. He was a perfect gentleman, and she attacked him!<P>Alison then concentrated on the stranger, the young man from Oshawa. She knew he was staying at Ryan's house. She reached for the phone.

Postby Cannonshop on Mon Jul 16, 2001 5:40 am

The Phone rang three times, and Ryan's mom picked it up.
"Is Ryan there?" Allison asked.
"No, he went out with some friends, we don't expect him back." Mrs. Aberdeen replied.
"Um, okaythanks." Allison hung up.
(Friends?) Allison pondered, and got up.
(where would they go?) She put on her jacket, and slipped out of her room, heading for the door.
"Allison! Where're you going?" Her father asked.
"Um, Out." she replied.
He stepped out of the living room, and said, "Don't stay out too late, young lady, and fill up the car on your way home."
Allison nodded, and said, "Sure Dad."
as she was heading up the walk to the driveway, her father said, "Be Careful! the news said there's a Weirdo that's harassing girls around town, he might be dangerous!"
She waved back, "I'll be fine, dad!!!"
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Postby Guest on Tue Jul 17, 2001 12:21 am

Alison, for a few seconds, entertained the idea that Chris might be the wierdo, but dismissed the thought. <I>He's wierd,</I> she told herself, <I>but he's a friend of Ryan. He wouldn't be harassing anyone.</I><P>Suddenly, the idea of friends, not one, but more, returned to her. <I>Who else? Not Joe, he's with Ceilidh tonight at a movie. So who else?</I><P>Over at Tim Hortons, Ryan and Chris stood by the counter, talking to Deidre. The trio were discussing something they heard on the news, that someone was harassing the local ladies.<P>Chris was saying, "the fact something like that happening in Avalon is absurd! I'd expect it back in Oshawa, but here, no."<P>"Wierder things have happened before," replied Ryan. Deeds nodded her head. "Deidre and I have encountered some of these before, I'd have to admit. There's just something about this town."<P>Chris reflected on this. Strange things had happened in his life, too. He shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, I'll accept that. Why, don't ask me." He paused for a moment, and asked, "anywhere I can buy a Jolt Cola?"<P>Ryan shot back, "no need. I have about 50 or so in my basement."<P>Chris replied, "heh, a week's supply. Thanks for thinkgeek."<P>----------<P>Heh, yes, I actually say "heh". Thanks for asking. =)
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Postby Guest on Tue Jul 17, 2001 3:01 am

Alison was driving around Avalon, and having no luck finding Ryan and Chris. She tried to think of what places would be open, and checked almost all of them. She even checked the school, usually open to Ryan at any time. But he wasn't there.<P>She was down to the last place on her list, Tim Hortons. As she pulled into the driveway, she discerned Chris and Ryan talking to Deidre. Then she saw something that completely shocked her.<P>Ryan and Deidre kissed! As Chris and Ryan headed for the exit, Alison nearly had a panic attack! <I>Why couldn't I figure out that was happening? What's going wrong with me?</I><P>She noticed them about to come out, noticed that they didn't detect her, yet. She threw the car in reverse, and screamed it out of the Tim Hortons parking lot, nearly knocking out a mailbox on the other side of the road. She raced home, got to her room, and started to cry.<P>Chris and Ryan, as they left the store, noticed nothing more than a horrible driver fleeing the coffee shop. They paid no attention, and returned to Ryan's house.

Postby Guest on Wed Jul 18, 2001 12:37 am

The next day:<P>Chris and Ryan were walking down the street, Jolt Colas in hand. "So, she really doesn't have a boyfriend or anything? You got to be joking!" Chris took another chug of the Jolt in his hand. <P>"Well," replied Ryan, "there was one guy who was here for a year from Australia. She seemed to have something against him... That might be how she behaves towards people she likes."<P>"Yipes."<P>Ryan and Chris opened the door to the cafe, stepped in, and looked around. Alison wasn't there.<P>Chris whispered to Ryan, "I thought you said she'd be in today. Where is she, and who's that behind the counter?"<P>Replied Ryan, just as quietly, "That's Mrs. Page, Joe's mother. And she's supposed to be here almost every day!"<P>They walked to the counter. Ryan introduced Chris to Mrs. Page, and asked where Alison was.<P>"I don't know. She called this morning to say she wouldn't be coming in," spoke Mrs. Page. Chris looked mildly dejected, and muttered an okay.<P>"Damn," Chris said as they left the cafe. "So, I guess this means she's at her house. How about we pay her a visit?"
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Postby Nick Pavlovski on Thu Jul 19, 2001 5:04 am

Chris and Ryan were so caught up in their conversation they hadn't heard footsteps coming up behind them. A massive hand whacked down on each of their backs, and each spat out their mouthfuls of Jolt in surprise.<P>"Ey, Rye, did I hear you takin' my name in vain? And 'oo's this, anyway? Mate of yours?"<P>Ryan coughed and replied "No, Iain, this is a friend of mine. Chris, meet Iain. He's on exchange - "<P>"From Australia, right? You mentioned him before" replied Chris.
Iain grabbed Chris's hand and began shook it, slowly crushing his delicate programmer's hand in a vicelike grip.
"So youse were talkin about me, eh?"<P>"Yeah" replied Chris evenly, and locking his gaze with Iain's, "and also about Alison". He began to squeeze back.
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Postby Guest on Fri Jul 20, 2001 2:22 am

Iain almost took a step back when Chris mentioned Alison. He quickly steadied himself however, and asked if they were going to visit her.<P>"Uh, why are you interested?" asked Chris. "From what I've heard..."<P>Ryan was getting nervous from the tension, and began to fiddle with his hands.

Postby Guest on Mon Jul 23, 2001 8:29 am

She lay on her bed. She was trying to calm herself down, mostly unsucessful at it. This just made things worse.<P>Alison stretched herself, picked up a book and tried to read it to calm herself. A psychology textbook. Things became doubly worse.<P>Alison realized that Iain was still in town for another couple days, that Chris fellow was around for a couple weeks. She couldn't decide which one was more worthy of her affections, of which she knew little about. Triply and quadruply worse. She grabbed a pillow, and beat it against the wall.<P>Before long, she was lying on her bed, crying.

Postby Guest on Tue Jul 24, 2001 12:35 am

Iain decided to drop the matter for now. "No reason. just curious, mates." He wandered off, quietly muttering to himself about what he would do about Chris, while the duo continued on to Alison's house.<P>Chris could tell this wasn't over between him and Iain, and began thinking up his own plans. He hadn't thought that there would be a war over Alison, but this was one girl he'd fight for. Any day.
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Postby Guest on Thu Jul 26, 2001 8:21 am

At long last, Chris and Ryan reached the home of Alison. Chris rang the bell, waited, knocked, waited, and rang the doorbell again.<P>Alison, alone at home, moved over to the window in her room and looked down. Seeing Chris and Ryan, she almost panicked, but she calmed herself. Went to wash her face of all the tears, red spots remained under her eyes. She went to the front door and opened it up.<P>If Ryan was fidgiting earlier, he had nothing on Chris right now. Nervous as hell, he all but squeaked "Hello..."
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Postby Guest on Mon Jul 30, 2001 6:30 am

She quietly ushered them inside, doing so quickly. Afterwards she closed the door, and led them into the living room. The three were alone in the house, Alison's parents both off working.<P>"Hi," sputtered Chris, again. "So, uhm... Didn't see you at the cafe today. We were just wondering where you were, maybe have a nice little conversation?"<P>Alison nodded slowly, then turned to Ryan. "I saw you," she nearly whispered, "with Dierdre. I saw you kiss her."<P>Ryan panicked. "When?"<P>"Last night. I was looking for you and Chris. I wanted to him. Since you weren't at home, I looked around town to find you and him."<P>Chris, looking distressed, was about to say something, but decided against it. Something big was definately about to happen, and he didn't want to get involved.<P>"So then you know. Well," Ryan said, "could you keep it a secret?"<P>Alison replied in the affirmative. Then she said, "that's why I didn't go to work today. It was too distressing, that I couldn't figure it out."<P>Spoke Chris, "so why did you want to talk to me?" He looked puzzled, and wondered what connection Ryan's relationship had with him and Alison.<P>She told him, "I think I am attracted to you. And to Iain. And I'm not sure which one I am to more."<P>"You think you're attracted to me? You think? And you're attracted to that beer guzzling phony?" Chris nearly shouted, "I can't see why you'd pick him over me! He's a womanizer! He's not cultured! He's not even sensitive!"<P>Alison's slap stopped him from speaking further. Chris gaped open mouthed for a moment, then sat back down and rubbed his cheek. "I'm sorry," he quietly said. "It's just surprising to hear a girl admit feelings for me, and adding Iain into that..."<P>"I mean, I don't act this way, not anymore, not for a long time." Chris looked down into his lap, seeming somewhat depressed. "And that I'm an intellectual, and you're an intellectual, that we seem to have so much in common, at least on the surface."<P>Then Alison said, "but are you sure of yourself? Because I'm not."
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Postby Guest on Tue Jul 31, 2001 8:42 am

Iain's place was trashed. Here and there lay cans of beer, scraps of paper covered in doodles and squiggly lines, and other assorted non-stinking refuse. There was also an obstinate looking guy sitting in the middle of the room, intent on coming up with a plan to get Alison, and humiliate Chris at the same time.
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Postby Guest on Thu Aug 02, 2001 6:56 am

Joe and Ceilidh were walking around. They passed by Alison's house, turned around, and went to the door. Joe merely wanted to chew Alison out for not working today, ruining Joe's plans to just sit around and drink Barqs. Ceilidh just had nothing to do, so she tagged along.<P>In the living room, Chris, Alison, and Ryan heard a knock at the door. Alison excused herself and went to open the door, while Chris chugged the rest of his Jolt, and looking very thoughtful. Ryan again started figiting, fearing Iain as the visitor.

Postby Nick Pavlovski on Fri Aug 03, 2001 5:25 am

"Bloody hell, this is getting out of hand", Iain thought to himself. He kicked an empty VB can and watched it sail through the air, then rebound off the goalpost - damn it all! Even his aim was off!
"An' we all know a behind don't count fer much in the real game...",he muttered.<P>Did he really like Alison? Did he really like Ceilidh? He was certainly attracted to Phoebe - that red hair, that body, especially the shape of her breasts. But she would as soon as kill Iain as allow him to manhandle her in any way.
Alison was reserved and critical. She was a challenge. She was sure of herself. She could not only reject Iain, but actually toy with him while doing it. "Perhaps that's why I sometimes want to see her melt in my arms" he pondered.<P>If so, what was going on? Rye and that kid, whatsisname? Chris? Bah. No challenge. Alison was the challenge. He only had a few weeks before his flight back home.
"Nothin' more fun than watchin' the underdog coming back and wiping the MCG with the favourites!" he declared loudly. Scraping the last of his vegemite onto a salada, he began to plan.
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Postby Guest on Sat Aug 04, 2001 10:19 am

Chris decided to take a look to see who was at the door. He put down his empty bottle of Jolt, and snuck to the edge of the living room. Using one eye he peered into the hallway and saw Alison talking to a guy and girl he hadn't seen before. One looked familiar, he decided, must be Joe. The other he guessed to be Ceilidh. He stepped out of the living room towards the door.<P>When Joe and Ceilidh saw the stranger leave the living room and walk up behind Alison, they stopped talking and stared dumbly. Alison introduced Chris, and invited Joe and Ceilidh into the living room. As they entered, Ryan began fidgiting even more.


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