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Postby lostfactor on Thu Jul 05, 2001 3:39 am

Another big page-wide update... but this one, thankfully, did not involve any major botches, largely since it was all HTML fiddling instead of file swapping. Which is a good thing.<P>In any event, the page has been given a code tweak all around, partially to make darned sure it shows up correctly in 800 x 600, partly to make it more readable, and partly to get rid of some annoying bits of empty space that the previous design had. It's much slicker now. Moreover, there's the thriteenth episode of <cite>on20</cite>, the fifth of <cite>Valkyrie Legion</cite>, a companion piece for the caustic "Thieves By Any Other Name", actual material in the Video Games section, and special subdivisions for webcomics, the BDotM, and <cite>on20</cite>.<P><a href=http://www.lostfactor.net>It's Lostfactor, not at Fortunecities, 'cause it's at .Net, nowhere near Fortunecities...</a><P>TMBG reference aside, as soon as I get back to school (Traveler's will not let me access Fortunecities), I will deal the finishing blow to the mirror site. Don't use it, if you still are for some reason.
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