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Postby lostfactor on Fri Jun 29, 2001 4:04 am

I was late for last month, so I'm early for this month. It kind of balances out, right? Right?<P>Anyhow, it's updated. July's BDotM two days early, plus two new episodes of <cite>on20</cite> and a new episode of <cite>Battle Helix</cite> (yes, I do write things other than <cite>on20</cite>, dammit!). Note that the FortuneCities address is soon going to become just a placeholder that'll wing you right over to the TLD, which is why I've removed it from my .sig.<P><a href=>The TLD is here, incidentally...</a><P>Oh, yeah - sorry about the fact that I've barely been posting anything. I've been trying hard to get real writing done, as well as being busy at work and not having an Internet connection at home. So I've not been able to peruse the board at leisure lately.
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