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Postby polarbee on Wed Jun 27, 2001 2:08 am

<polarbee rants fitfully><P>Where's my IRC fix when I need it?
Damn, now I have to go talk to real people. <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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Postby MizuGoddess on Wed Jun 27, 2001 2:31 am

YARGH! i must get into #avalon! I had to make the GRPA webpage by tonight! dammit! Maybe we can make a temporary chanel on another server until nighstar is back up. This is really really annoying. I had things to do and important stuff to tell people!
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Postby Ian the Mad on Wed Jun 27, 2001 2:36 am

Nightstar lives, you fools. is perfectly functional, although it was a bit slow to respond this morning (3 am-ish).
Ian the Mad
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Postby Nrg Spoon on Wed Jun 27, 2001 3:31 am

think you could post the exact server name you're on, cause i keep getting Unable to resolve IRC server...<P>and hey, try opening another client and connecting, chances are you'll get the same error too
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Postby Trunkster on Wed Jun 27, 2001 4:19 am

Nightstar is finicky at times...connecting to won't work, but connecting directly to the TX3 server will work.<P>------------------
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Postby Fink The Insane on Wed Jun 27, 2001 8:29 am

ARGH!! The first time in a few days i try to get on, and Nightstar is down!
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