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Postby The Incredible Hatboy on Wed May 02, 2001 12:01 am

Me want be Ryan.<P>No, wait, that'd mean that I'd have dozens of scary lyncher-people watching me with my girlfriend and wildly conjecturing about my actions as well as drawing nudies of her.<P>Ah, screw it. Me want be Ryan.<P>------------------
Fragmented sentance?<P>Ryan + Diedre=Good!
Joe + Ceilidh=Good!
Cecil + Alison=Good!
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Postby Sterling on Wed May 02, 2001 12:46 am

Ryan is indeed a Very Lucky Man. And an amazingly cool character, to boot. Although I don't think I"d want to be Ryan... I like my reasonably non-twisty life just fine.<P>------------------
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Postby Caster13 on Wed May 02, 2001 11:55 am

Ha! I guess today's comic comfirms it all!<P>Big time score for Ryan! Especially for catching Deirdre. He's a hero to nerds everywhere ^_^<P>------------------
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Postby Trunkster on Wed May 02, 2001 11:57 am

Geeks. Not nerds, which is the insult form. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/wink.gif"><P>------------------
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Postby Darth Paradox on Thu May 03, 2001 7:34 am

I <i>am</i> Ryan... except not quite as skilled with computers. Hell, until two months ago I even looked like him. Same age, same approach to women, etc etc...<P>Course, I don't have a tall redhead... but I'm happy with whom I do have.
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