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Postby Sertrel on Wed May 02, 2001 11:13 am

I'd almost <I>swear</I> that today's last panel (2:161:3) is a direct jab at the forum folks. <IMG SRC=""><P>In all seriousness, for amount of time elapsed since any two people were seen within one strip together, Ryan and Deirdre have provoked many topics and discussion from almost nonexistent shared strip time. I mean, <I>damn.</I> With a tiny but very vocal minority who loathes Deirdre, and a raving fan base who draws her on what seems to be an hourly basis and even gets a cameo of her beside the <I>artist</I> (not another webcomic character, but the artist himself!) we see the flames fly, albeit just barely in a civil fashion...<P>Sertrel<P>------------------
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