So when does Ceilidh hire the stripper?

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Postby Jen Aside on Thu Apr 26, 2001 3:29 am

The guy from Rancid...<P>Although haven't seen them LATELY, no.
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Postby Kanaeda Kuonji on Thu Apr 26, 2001 4:22 am

o~HANGING ON THE CORNER/OF 52ND AND BROADWAY!!o~<P>Rancid's great!<P>------------------
Rodney Dean, CI of the Order of the Knights of Jubal.<P>"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death." --Oscar Wilde
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Postby Regault on Thu Apr 26, 2001 11:01 am

I mean, its the logical thought process.<P>Depressed Friend = Hire a Stripper.<P>She can even hire two and see which one the Feebster prefers.<P>Of course its turned out Phoebe's one of those foolish girls that thinks changing your hair equals changing your mood. That's something I've never understood. Especially since it always leads to criminally bad haircuts.
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Postby Sertrel on Thu Apr 26, 2001 11:24 am

I'm confused. How does dyeing hair to change mood lead to criminally bad haircuts?
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Postby Strangeone on Thu Apr 26, 2001 11:49 am

You ever see anyone with their natural hair color in a mohawk?
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