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Postby The Paco on Wed Apr 25, 2001 10:43 am

I couldn't help it, I was struck by lightning (guess I shouldnt' put a penny in that hole). But this explains Joe's bitterness too! MAN! I am solving ALL this.<P>Animals - "House of the Rising Sun"<P>There is a house in Avalon,
They call the House of Page.
And it's been, the ruin of my boyhood,
and Gods, it knows, I've aged.<P>My mother was a baker, failed and lost a ton!
My father was a cheatin man, down in Washington.<P>Now the only thing that Avalon is,
is a schoolhouse and my chums.
And the only time, that we are satisfied,
is when we're on our bums.<P>*wild air organ*<P>Oh mothers, tell your children,
not to move where I am now.
Spend your lives in snow and plot-twisting,
in a house, in Avalon.<P>Well, Now I got one foot on the pedal,
It's all the way to the floor.
I'm heading back to Avalon,
cause that's where I belong.<P>WELL, there is a house in Avalon,
They call the House of Page!
and it's been the ruin of many a boyhood,
and Gods, it knows, I've aged!<P>
The On a Roll Paco<P>------------------
*WARNING* Please note, that while this message may have a seemingly valid point, it is laced with inflammable material and is dangerous to any and or all humans who read it, including those with no (0) life, those with no (0) humor, those who are much too tense(+12.3:1), those with high blood pressure, those with mental defect causing them to think everything is about them, those with too much time on their hands, those concerned with political anything, those afilliated with any kind of social/political/animal rights groups, small children, the elderly, farm animals, Richard Simmons, most small kitchen appliances, most large American automobiles, Kelly's left nut, some smaller species of mammals and/or lizards, and just about anyone with a bug far enough up their ass to be offended and little enough life to be trolling around here for something to be offended by.<P>This warning is not an admission of anything, except amazement that you are still reading after all this time, we at AzzK'kr INC. (C)(TM)(R) are not responsible for anything at all, reading this message is an admission of guilt to any damn thing we want to lay against you, and anything you do/say can and will be used against you in a beastiality porn film.
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