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Postby The Incredible Hatboy on Fri Apr 20, 2001 8:10 am

The Book Cometh! The Book Cometh!<P>Damn. And I'm going to be dead-broke for the next month or so, unable to buy it.<P>Ah, well. The Book Cometh, dammit!<P>------------------
"There is no boy," he said hopefully.<P>Ryan + Diedre=Good!
Joe + Ceilidh=Good!
Cecil + Alison=Good!
(If you don't comprehend, read Avalon)<P>AIM: I am the Hatboy
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Postby Joe Morgan on Fri Apr 20, 2001 10:40 am

When Where How?
Joe Morgan
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Postby Rob on Sat Apr 21, 2001 12:18 am

Woohoo! I can't wait...<P>Hey, I'm broke too, (>$10000 in loans and growing...I'm too scared to check), but I'm gonna put it on Visa anyway.
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Postby vision8 on Mon Apr 23, 2001 9:26 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rob:
<B>Hey, I'm broke too, (>$10000 in loans and growing...I'm too scared to check), but I'm gonna put it on Visa anyway.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Yay Visa! I love Visa so much, I have two of them, and they're both almost full! But I THINK I can squeeze an Avalon book in. I think Avalon is a higher priority than eating for a couple of days.<P>------------------
If an eighty foot slimy green man with a squid nailed to his face asks if he can devour your immortal soul and cast your still living remains to his minions to be tortured for all eternity... just say no!
-Fox Mulder
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